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Business Updates for the Real Estate Industry

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First, it is quite noticeable fall return of rental business. During the year the average property price in niches soared by half! Rental prices for it are not tightened, ie, Now, do not make up for the gap in prices and for this year. The next year, experts promise another round of betting on the market. Consequently, the rental prices will be left behind even more. Today, return from rental housing is obtained up to 5-7% per year (for the typical proposals less, exclusive – higher), thus yielding bank deposits even profitability. Landlords may not realize that when Renting them dear Real Estate (odnushka now vstryanet for more than 2 million rubles.) leaves to earn only 100 thousand a year. That kind of money just enough for the very modest life.

Employers, albeit producing more income sensitive average (according to official statistics at the end of the year pay the usual urban residents was presented to 14 thousand. – more recent data is not today), just can not understand how normally reside in rented flat at such steep price tags. While 4 years ago, according to realtors, most of the tenants two-bedroom apartments were couples with children, today often combine two couples and budgets together total rent an apartment. There have been occasions when the couple and the wife's sister or mother and wife couple. Sometimes, such an apartment rented by students. Characteristically, the hiring standard "kopeck piece" vstryanet almost as much as eat 'edinichki' (with comparable as real estate).