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Alpen Gold Hotel Village

All sites with numerous trees and small height differences, allowing do The original mountain landscape, terraced down to the large central public area with lake and beach area, walking alleys, benches and pavilions, a summer cafe with steward service, children’s and sports fields, tennis courts, a winter skating rink and ice slides. When planning the construction of the village great efforts have been directed to not to disturb the ecological balance and natural terrain, while retaining all the greenery. Thanks to clever zoning of the territory, each area has its attractive features – proximity to the lake and picturesque public park, views of the ski resort, many forest trees, a good relief, etc. One of the historically developed features build chalet – its clear position on the ground with regard to the cardinal. The most beautiful side of the house is the eastern facade, expanded toward a new day in sunny valley.

The unique location of the cottage settlement Edelweiss-Elias, closed on the north side of high hills, allows you to orient the house on a warm and windless southern side and own picturesque valley, stretching along the entire village. Original alpine chalet with stone plinth and a sloping roof, saves you from heavy rainfall, and the upper floors of solid timber has historically served protection from bad weather in the harsh environment of high mountains. These sturdy structures, from time to time, wind, snow and rain only improve your appearance and becoming even closer to nature, not tested one decade and can be confidently offered to the construction of a similar Russian conditions. However, the charm and elegance gives them a large, panoramic terrace and a cozy balcony, ease of reconciling the French with a Swiss thoroughness. Spirit of the special elite settlement Edelweiss-Elias adds erected near the five-star boutique hotel Alpen Gold Hotel & Spa with a beautiful landscaped area of this European ski town and great recreational opportunities (the project has provided Russian investment company Thor United). High level of service the hotel and its focus on residents of the village will provide a respectable public usual quality of service for recreation, service at home, holding at corporate events, business meetings and most memorable holidays.