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Property Buyers

The second type is a modern property buyer conventionally called a "hurry". These are the buyers, who have purchased real estate during its rapid fall, ie From October 2008 to spring 2009. These subjects are distinguished by the fact that had the necessary self-purchase of real estate amounts of money and did not need the support of the bank mortgage. Led them simple philistine fear: "What if tomorrow the banks will lend to? Real estate prices soar instantly! What I shall do with your money? They can no longer suffice for the purchase of selected housing? "These kinds of people, and resolved in a day of falling real estate prices in parting with their savings and purchasing housing. If they lose at a discount price today? Certainly yes! Initially, they were free from all risks with the bank, ie mortgage, but they lost on the difference in price decline since the acquisition of real estate prices fixed on a similar flat in August 2009. And the amount of possible loss, depending on the date of acquisition of real estate may not differ greatly from the loss of "losers." For the third type is the modern buyer Property can only be glad. Let's call it "favorites." These are the subjects of the market that are able to wait for the bottom of it, if only the price of housing in the spring and summer of 2009 can be called a "bottom" (!) As is known, each with the "bottom market "may suddenly open the second" bottom ". .