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Residential Construction

The materials used in construction of prefabricated buildings, much lighter and more compact traditional (the thickness of the walls of such facilities does not exceed 40 cm), which greatly accelerates the speed of their construction. Can always arise the question: 'And how many solid walls of pre-fabricated buildings?'. Giving an answer must agree that the strength of 'naked' walls prefabricated buildings inferior brick counterparts. But this problem is quite simply solved by lining buildings with siding or plate of a single layer of bricks (there can also be considered such an option, that the house could be built. It lead tenants, and only then, as far as possible the owner is lining brick building).

So you can get a great own house for much less and in a very short time. Further details can be found at TTSI, an internet resource. In most countries in Europe or Asia, there is a problem that lies in the fact that their territory is not enough space for the erection of private homes of low-rise (townhouses), so their cities are built skyscrapers. As for us, this problem does not occur and therefore pre-fabricated buildings as low-rise residential buildings as you can not fit us. The same path of development have long gone, countries like – usa, Canada, Germany. Their mega-cities are divided into two parts of the business (business), the center and residential townhouses.

If we compare prices, it turns out that the average cost per square meter of living space in Moscow outside the Moscow ring road is 90 thousand rubles, at the same time square meter prefabricated buildings will cost 15,000 rubles, so it should be affordable housing. To all this will not be flat in the high-rises, and your own private home. A distinctive feature is the fact that came to us frame the Canadian technology, conceived in view of our 'Russian Winter' high wind loads, vandal-proof properties, and for rodent control. Basis of low-rise pre-fabricated building is frame system made of lightweight steel sections (welded I-beams) connected together with screws and bolts. In the space between the elements of the framework laid insulation (basalt slab, or polystyrene), which provides thermal circuit of the building. Internal walls by gypsum boards, ceiling mounted, floor spreading gypsum sheet and laminate. Final finishing is carried out by the customer. For the exterior facade of prefabricated building developed a special high-strength tile facade, facade and decorative metal panels, siding, brick, etc.


Oncoming cold and it's time to think about the warming of the apartment. It is clear that independent heat much better than the collective, in most cases. But not everyone is available. Another good way to spend the winter in warm apartment – it is not so warm it, how to keep the heat in the room. I remember, several years ago from the end of September, the season begins papering windows, which ended with the first frost, and sometimes with the first snow.

Heat-insulated windows with closed vents to keep warm. Well, that today there are metal-glazed windows. With them there is no need for gluing. They are durable, no ventilation by, do not have scheley.No box windows, a loggia or a balcony so also can save a good share of heat in the apartment if they are properly glazed. After insulate these barns, we can raise the temperature on the balcony as much as 10 degrees, and even more. This substantially reduces the risk of already leakage of heat from kvartiry.Itak. Balcony glazing is divided into two types – warm and cold.

Or cold as it is called lung – the most common, and earlier was used only this type of glazing. It applies only for the fact that to protect its own balcony from dust, rain and snow. That is installed on the balcony frames, aluminum or wood. Such glazing increases the room temperature a few degrees, which is accordingly creates an air barrier to the penetration of cold air into the apartment.


The fact is, on the one hand it is true that two floors of common ground and a common roof. But on the other hand, each normal is not traumatic ladder to a height of 2,75 m is at least about 6 m2 of direct projection floor of the first floor and about 4 m2 second floor. Thus, the normal ladder has an area of one room. In addition, the price of building an inexpensive wooden staircase of about 100 to 000 rubles materials. In fact, it equals the cost of the basement under the house of 100m2 in the southern zone of the Russian Federation. Rooms on the second floor in the arrangement is clearly losing the rooms on the first floor. For them, the need for a separate toilet on the second floor to awake at night, in haste, do not stumble on the stairs (leading to additional costs). Elderly running of many times throughout the day on top of the stairs and down, too, is contraindicated.

In a word, a staircase and second floor – it is not always convenient and cost is not always manageable. Calculations show that the economically viable second floor of the type of attic, but the benefit is not very significant, and the attic floor, with its truncated to the top of the wall, for many considered to be an amateur. What height do Wall? White Paper hygienic SanPiN prescribes that the height of the walls in a residential area was not less than 2,5 m.Verhney boundaries increase the height Ceiling SanPiN not predusmatrivaet.No this boundary is directly linked with the ability to pay bills for heating in winter time: the greater the volume of the room, the greater the need to heat the air heating system, and the owner oplatit.Odnim word wall height of 2.6 m to 2.75 m is considered at the time.

Property In Portugal – The Best Choice For Life !

Looking for real estate abroad? – It's time to turn our eyes on Portugal. Depreciation of the euro as a result of the debt crisis in Europe, significantly increases the "purchasing power" of citizens from eastern Europe claim to the Portuguese square meters. We bring to your attention a profile portrait of the Portuguese real estate for the 1 st quarter of 2010. Background – Country Where the land ends and sea begins, as described in Luiziadah Portugal to its famous poet Luis Camoes. 80% of the population lives in coastal areas, but not just because of the love of the sea In coastal areas is concentrated political and economic Activity of the country. It is here that there are villas and apartments built with the latest technology and the best finishing materials, with an ocean view which can satisfy the most refined buyer. Portugal is also called 'terra de luz', or 'Lusitania' – the land of light, it is this she appeared to those who came to the territory of the Romans.

There are a lot of sun, the divine and the climate here is just nice and peaceful living. If you are attracted vast open sea rays silvered the sunset, if you love golf or surfing – the best place you can not find. Property Portugal is 200,000 houses that for a country with 10 million people – enough to excess. Currently, the proposal prevails over demand, and sale of properties will take longer. Since the sales data for the 1 st quarter of 2010 indicate that the average time of the sale of new facilities in the area of Lisbon increased by 6 months compared with the same period last year and is about 18 months.

Alpen Gold Hotel Village

All sites with numerous trees and small height differences, allowing do The original mountain landscape, terraced down to the large central public area with lake and beach area, walking alleys, benches and pavilions, a summer cafe with steward service, children’s and sports fields, tennis courts, a winter skating rink and ice slides. When planning the construction of the village great efforts have been directed to not to disturb the ecological balance and natural terrain, while retaining all the greenery. Thanks to clever zoning of the territory, each area has its attractive features – proximity to the lake and picturesque public park, views of the ski resort, many forest trees, a good relief, etc. One of the historically developed features build chalet – its clear position on the ground with regard to the cardinal. The most beautiful side of the house is the eastern facade, expanded toward a new day in sunny valley.

The unique location of the cottage settlement Edelweiss-Elias, closed on the north side of high hills, allows you to orient the house on a warm and windless southern side and own picturesque valley, stretching along the entire village. Original alpine chalet with stone plinth and a sloping roof, saves you from heavy rainfall, and the upper floors of solid timber has historically served protection from bad weather in the harsh environment of high mountains. These sturdy structures, from time to time, wind, snow and rain only improve your appearance and becoming even closer to nature, not tested one decade and can be confidently offered to the construction of a similar Russian conditions. However, the charm and elegance gives them a large, panoramic terrace and a cozy balcony, ease of reconciling the French with a Swiss thoroughness. Spirit of the special elite settlement Edelweiss-Elias adds erected near the five-star boutique hotel Alpen Gold Hotel & Spa with a beautiful landscaped area of this European ski town and great recreational opportunities (the project has provided Russian investment company Thor United). High level of service the hotel and its focus on residents of the village will provide a respectable public usual quality of service for recreation, service at home, holding at corporate events, business meetings and most memorable holidays.

Cyprus Property

Real Estate Market in Cyprus financial crisis could not have a significant impact. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dennis Lockhart. After the crisis began with the island began to leave the British pensioners who are share not citizens of Cyprus and many live here almost continuously. Perhaps the most uncomfortable for British buyers argument has become a big fluctuation of the single European currency, the pound is not in favor of the pound. Residents – the British began to sell the house, their cars, furniture items at low prices to go home. The difference of exchange rates was that the British rescued for their apartment or house in his native pounds is much larger than it gave, so they tangible gains from the sale of its real estate Cyprus. To what extent were significant sales of housing by the British? Still Englishmen – the most numerous foreign buyers of property on the island, despite the the fact that buyers from Russia overtook them on the number of purchases of residential property in Cyprus for the year of the crisis. Construction of the island and the real estate market are designed for customers from abroad, and the proportion of visitors from the uk quite high in the population of the island of Cyprus. Investors from the uk, in contrast to our countrymen, took at the beginning of the crisis is much smaller objects than is usually bought that and felt the pathos and its suburbs.

Britain's economy felt the problem immediately after the arrival of the crisis. Offer for sale had their Cypriot house in the beginning of the crisis due to financial problems. Of course, this fact determines the state of the economy in Britain, and not the republic of Cyprus. 'English' property as a result of the global financial crisis has become more accessible. Two-storey villa in Paphos costs Apartments in Limassol – it could not attract the interest of our investors.

Since the beginning of financial crisis began to increase Russians' interest in real estate in Paphos. An important cause of high intnresa is that the secondary property already has a title, and this makes it possible not to put themselves unnecessary trouble. At the secondary real estate market happens to rely on an impressive discount – 20-30% when compared with the price of the same primary property. Cottages, which is not the first, very often framed by a shady garden. Not forget the English tradition to plant flowers in your garden and personally monitor their garden in the grounds. Shady garden, giving shade in the summer heat in very handy on the southern island. It is also important that vtorchnom market flats and houses exhibit is furnished, the new owner can immediately settle in the house yourself or rent it. Buyers from Russia in the secondary market of Cyprus is often real estate is quite costly, but also acquire and affordable homes and apartments. Even with the global economic crisis can find a good hand.

Economic Plight

We all are aware of the current economic plight of our country, is certain that it has habit times worse, since then than Yes, but we were accustomed to a standard of living and a series of certain benefits which are being suppressed because of the readjustment needs economic and the measures taken by the Government. There are many cities that have built new flats, or semi-construidos and they can not give out, nobody buys them, banks do not offer credits and pay all the money at once is something that very little lucky can do, therefore we see lots of posters that quote: for sale flats Valencia, for example, or sell apartment Madrid in recent years, the prices of rents have soared making that most interested acquire own housing rent it, since the money was not a problem, banks lent it easily to all kinds of people that met a few ridiculous requirements next to the current. When the economic situation is so complicated like the present, it is always easier be rented that mortgaged owner. For example, if work is lost, would comply with the payment of the mortgage payment probably be difficult or impossible in the majority of cases, and if the subsidy runs out, could be the point of having to sell the home at a price that, in the best cases, cover the outstanding amount of the mortgage. The advantages of living in rent in a similar situation are several, no obligation, rather than bail in most of the contracts, which could leave the floor and save part of the rent moving to one more economic to either save the entire occupying the House of a family member. Therefore, when we see these ads above flats Valencia so attractive, we need for a minute and think a number of things like for example, if we really have the capacity to deal with the payment of the mortgage on the floor, or rather, we must fix our gaze on other posters of the type of rental flats Valencia and opt to rent a house in place negotiate a mortgage with the Bank. Logically, opting for one or another election will depend on stability, savings and situation of each person or couple or family employment.

Property In Bulgaria Is What I Dreamed !

In recent years, Bulgaria continually proves that it is for Russian buyers of real estate the most positive power for the insertion of capital. Demand for houses and apartments, as well as non-residential property in Bulgaria grows daily, but the number of offers is constantly increasing. If we take into account only Runet, the mass for sale of immovable property, Bulgaria ahead of the rest. Our sellers of real estate estimated that in the last year of the Russians who purchased villas abroad, account for about a quarter of those who bought a cottage in Bulgaria. It is believed that first came to Bulgaria British buyers real estate, which, as they say, 'great specialists in this matter.

" Practice shows – where they came and began to acquire real estate British, the country began experiencing an unprecedented economic boom in this area. Pattern of the last time – for the British in the country come to Russian businessmen. As it happened with Bulgaria in the early 21 th century. If an analysis of what forms of property involve our businessmen and ordinary Buyers then can see what sold: cottages and apartments located in the building stage, erected on the water, mountain or building plots, plots of land to be used for subsequent construction of a cottage to shelter or sale; apartments and commercial property in the capital and major cities for the operation, lease or profitable resale. No secret that our countrymen increasingly interested in alternative to the purchase of housing for their own needs, often for a summer vacation and stay than to emigration and the future of citizenship in Bulgaria.