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In November, the Franconian capital investment and real estate specialist PROJECT investment has welcomed the ten thousandth investor. Bamberg, 11.11.2013: At the same time the equity volume of 18 real estate development fund set up by PROJECT since 1995 rose to over 275 million euros. 10,000 Investors who have entrusted their capital PROJECT, is a historical turning point that fills us with great responsibility, as Wolfgang Dippold, founder of the PROJECT investment group. To deliver stable results in real estate development and the growing claims of different target groups to meet, including the semi-pro and professional investors was from his point of view however, crucial for the company. . Fondshaus based in the Franconian Bamberg has it specialized in real estate projects with a focus on living exclusively in the German metropolitan regions Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Nuremberg and Munich sustainably and with maximum value in high Stability requirements to plan, create and sell. PROJECT is market leader in the field of fully intrinsically based real estate development funds. Through its regional presence, marketability and the decade-long success of the exclusive Asset Manager, the PROJECT real estate group, in the field of real estate development it is possible to identify objects, to win, to implement them efficiently, and planned to sell in the current market environment.

PROJECT is well prepared for further growth the current pipeline of objects in these five cities is over 2,700 million euro sales volume. Current participation offers invest the two project in German housing over 77 million euros in the April 2012 set up real estate development fund real values 11 and 12 have now acquired an equity volume of over 77 million euros. The persistently strong demand for our participation offers is based also on the adjustment of the Fund on the AIFM-regulation at the same time affordable cost “, so Alexander Schlichting, managing partner of the PROJECT Vermittlungs GmbH. Until the end of the year, investors can take part in the two already broadly invested funds. While the single time investment funds real values 12 with over 52 million euros invested equity capital on 15 high-quality residential object developments is involved, the real values 11 25 million euro total investment accumulation Fund can unite 13 object investments. Both funds are invested until the end of the placement in at least 15 real estate a spreading level that far exceeds the new KAGB requirements of the legislator with three objects per fund itself. Overall, the PROJECT group developed nationwide currently 35 objects with a sales volume of over 750 million euros.