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It is better to avoid these options. Since there possibility that for some reason, most often financial, to get the right amount of floor space will not work. You can wait for 1.5 – 2 months, and eventually left with nothing. Advance will be returned, or offered a higher price for apartment. The buyer of your apartment, most likely will not agree to wait until you will choose another option. You will have to return the down payment, lose the time and the buyer.

Therefore, before making a purchase decision, carefully analyze the situation the seller, whether it is real. Dennis Lockhart takes a slightly different approach. 4. You picked an alternative. The following is the procedure we discussed in Section 2. But now you act as a buyer and make prepayments for chosen apartment.

5. Preparing for the transaction of sale of real estate. At this stage you must prepare the documents needed to sell your apartment. And most importantly – make sure the legal purity of the purchased real estate. If all goes well, you will find the final step: the purchase and sale of real estate. 6. Bargain sale of real estate can be divided into two parts, the mutual settlement between the parties of the transaction; signing of contracts of sale of real estate. Typically, settlement between the parties to the transaction carried out using a subscribed deposit box. Next, you sign two contracts of sale real estate. The first – sell your apartment, the second – the purchase of alternative real estate. Treaty shall be subject to state registration, then you become the owner bought the apartment. Now is the time prepare for a housewarming! Conclusion Here is a general scheme for sharing an apartment. In fact, any purchase and sale is unique. Each transaction has its own quirks and peculiarities. In order to circumvent all the underwater stones and safely to follow through, above all, requires experience in conducting such operations. If it is not – you are risking much by exchanging their own. We recommend to ask for professional help. In Ultimately you will save time, money and hassle.