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Free Hold Callers

QuestNet criticized poorly conceived Bill and demands changes Cottbus 22 March 2011 which recently passed Bill which proposes inter alia the introduction of a waiting loop free for callers, encounters of the Federal Cabinet in many places incomprehension and criticism. Learn more at this site: Dan Miller. The QuestNet GmbH, a provider of applications and services, which focuses on the development and indirect marketing innovative phone value-added services in combination with service numbers, expected a deterioration in the quality of service to the consumer by the new regime. Also the Association of providers of telecommunications and value added services (VATM), largely welcomed the amendments to the Telecommunications Act, is critical of the planned arrangements to free hold. According to the current draft, queues should be allowed only when the caller dials an extract free money or a mobile phone number. Queues are therefore still allowed even. If the call to a fixed price, or if a telephone number is used for mobile services.

A queue is also allowed if the callee fully bear the costs for the queue, if not called from abroad. To realize in a transitional phase, a delayed connection will be introduced by 2 minutes. Network-based queues are used in this time of dialing for paid service numbers. As a real link are so fails, those two minutes for the caller will be charged. If the draft is not amended, the calls after two minutes would be canceled if no agent available at this time”, explains Thomas Wendt, Director of QuestNet Ltd. because of course the question arises, whether the caller now the free two minutes are more important than the chance after two minutes and a few seconds someone to achieved. Is the call attempt is canceled again after two minutes, then it can be very tedious are actually to reach a contact person.

These costs for the caller in the form of additional latency by many call attempts should not be underestimated. Make matters worse especially for the company, that it is still unclear what the final solution should look like after the planned transitional period.” The Association of providers of telecommunications and value-added services is also skeptical concerning the practical implementation of the new regulation. He also sees pitfalls, which could mean a deterioration of customer service through the free queue in the recently adopted draft. On the subject of queues we see, yet significant changes might be needed, to achieve that overpriced and long queues can be prevented by so-called black sheep”explains Jurgen Grutzner, Managing Director of the VATM. The VATM here among other things, the introduction of a certificate for call centers in the discussion, has introduced the short and thus particularly economical Queues, as well as a consumer-friendly service would promote. “Garcia continued: In the course of the deliberations in the Bundesrat and Bundestag should be sought more seriously after a possible economically sensible solution with maximum consumer benefits.” About QuestNet GmbH: The QuestNet GmbH is an application service provider, focusing on the development and indirect marketing innovative phone value-added services in combination with international service numbers.