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Then revealed himself for the German domestic market supply in 2010 an increase of over 5 percent. In the segments the bedding and especially the wallpaper and wallcoverings jutted out still. Wallpaper and wall coverings are booming currently in the end customers as well as in the object store. This segment of still stable demand enjoyed even during the economic crisis. The social and economic development of in recent years without a trace over went also to the consumer of the furnishing sector. This was at least the tenor of this year’s fair in Frankfurt.

Many consumers have now an ethical self-image”and very specific requirements” of quality and service. And they want to not drop it even in financially difficult times. The new consumption landscape, as she was in Frankfurt to admire, is characterized by quality, durability, sustainability and relevance. Meanwhile, a new generation of designers is dealt intensively with the trends such as harking back to “” Essence and tradition”, utility invites you to use” or back to the origins of sustainability through green ‘textiles’. Even almost forgotten crafts are revived. The three-stage supply chain standard used in most industries up to the consumer, production/import middlemen retail consumer, now as in so many industries also in the home and home textile industry no longer existent.

The room specialist assumes wholesale functions by purchasing cooperatives like South federal purchasing Association for home textiles today with its very high degree of cooperation, intercolor KATAG, FHR trade ring, decor-Union, beds ring, Wotex, WHB, COPA, 2HK etc. So the market power is clearly now the trade. Approximately 43 percent of House and home textiles volume of 9.14 billion to consumers today deposed through retailers are room dealers, retailers and the furniture retailer. Second strongest sales track the purchase department stores and shipper, however with a market share of less than 30 percent. About 10 percent the space equipment craft/projectors. The other distribution channels including retail stores remain, after all, still over 18 percent. IBH Cologne leads in the new industry sectors former marketing employee of Dr. Vossen at the BBE in Cologne as a highly experienced author team cooperate here everything around the topic of House and home textiles. There are not only the goods groups bedding, textile floor coverings and curtains/decoration materials of a detailed analysis subjected to, but also created a long-term forecast for the main distribution channels.