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DSW Group Focuses On Real Estate-based Product Innovations

CLOUT real estate investment konkurenzlos that belonging to the for S established already at the turn of the Millennium & K group created Emissionshaus Deutsche Asset Emissionshaus AG (DSW group) keeps the strength of real estate investments for unrivaled. It provides – by way of derogation from the usual offer – a number of new investment opportunities, the both savers such as one time investors allow meaningful alternatives. You can see in the newspapers almost daily new top results for the German real estate market. Read more here: Nicholas Carr. So real estate consultants are locally to leading experts of Colliers International Germany, an association under the umbrella of a brand, recently so cited, that the last quarter 2011 was the second ten years, regarding the new hire or new office space in Germany obtaining. Overall the market could rise by 16 percent last year. One would patronize almost the German investors, but also the saver, if you do not access to such assets him, so to monetary systems in the form of real estate”, says Daniel Fritsch as the Managing Board of Deutsche Asset Emissionshaus (DSW group). The DSW group that specialises in developing product innovations that attract a wide audience of savers and one time investors.

The focus always the transparency of the system and the flexibility also in terms of is on already existing contracts”, so the DSW Board of Directors. Investors use it currently on almost any form of real estate investment. So, recently published the results of the previous year the Association of closed-end Fund (VGF) and pointed out that the provider of closed-end Fund could raise last year EUR 5.85 billion from private and institutional investors. German real estate funds stood at the top in the favor of investors. You could take a share of 2.2 billion euros in claims for themselves. Those achieved with foreign real estate still 0.8 billion euros, which shows that real estate funds are generally needed.

Also the German monetary issuing House AG takes advantage of real estate investments She can be but not in a tight investment concept, squeeze, but opts for flexibility. With the Vario principle”we offer an investment opportunity practically for every target group – from the savers up to the major investor. We can adapt this to individual needs in terms of product direction as well”, explains the DSW Board Daniel Fritsch. Deutsche Asset Emissionshaus AG wants to respond to changing market conditions with this strategy calling for increasingly greater flexibility.