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Creative marketing of object high in the course of Leipzig, 01.02.2010 – on the 02.02.10 launches degree of residential real estate as one of the first home staging “company in Leipzig. The service is aimed at the private and commercial real estate clients. Through the professional use the recycled objects can be sold faster and at a higher price or rent. Just emotions play a major role in the acquisition of the property. The first few seconds are often decisive. Who does not feel comfortable, typically rejects the offer. Home staging”neutralized the personal character of the owner and highlights the quality of living consciously used accented. This is partly achieved through simple measures.

“The customer is from the outset integrated and decides what itself or through the company implemented by him”, so Tatjana Ebert, founder of residential grade real estate. The innovative service means home staging. Real estate prepared in this way have a significant advantage over other offerings. Get 10-15% in their Value, the length of time on the market is minimized. Professionally made digital recording to gain the necessary insight interested parties following interested parties and the desired interest. Home staging originated”from the United States, where it is successfully applied for more than 35 years.

United Kingdom and Sweden are also included. According to Germany, this trend was only four years ago. Meanwhile, home staging is in many German cities”service is offered. Residential grade real estate was founded in 2009 by Tatjana Ebert in Leipzig. The company has recognized the opportunities of the new services and enables this offer private owners and owners of commercial real estate.