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Nomination to the solution of a reseller partner for Business ByDesign open systems consulting OSC – is one of the first 6 successfully partner nominated for Business ByDesign solution resellers. Hamburg: OSC Business ByDesign has successfully gone through the SAP nomination process due to special market experience and expertise for SAP and was nominated by the SAP as one of the first 6 solution reseller partner for Business ByDesign. SAP Business ByDesign is a fully integrated enterprise software solution specifically for the mid-market. The on-demand solution combines all advantages of modern enterprise applications with minimum requirements to the IT infrastructure. Based on preconfigured best of practices creates the solution easily integrated processes for financial management, the maintenance of customer relationships in personnel administration, procurement, project management and logistics. The SAP service provides installation, maintenance and upgrade of the solution and the customers can concentrate fully on your core business. With SAP Business ByDesign completed OSC be Range of services. As a long-standing partner for SAP all-in one as well as a Gold partner and master var for SAP business one is OSC now capable of, customers in the sense of a best-of .breed “approach when deciding the right ERP solution optimally and professionally to support.