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Africa Light / Gray Zone: International Film Festival Dates

From Germany, Switzerland and Italy to Brazil, China and the United States the beginning of the EcoVison makes September Film Festival in Palermo, which is held by support of UNESCO as well as in Brazil and China. Parallel, the first performance in New York on the long start Iceland Film Festival. First surrounded by long Iceland city, then in the Hamptons. In October, will be the film in the documentary section of the Shnit Film Festival in Bern and opened the German African film night organised by the Foreign Office and the German Namibian society then the 24.10.2010 at Berlin Babylon cinema. The Director of the film Tino Salazar will be the producer of course spot with Stefanie Paul, and looks forward to international feedback on the film. We are of course looking forward to the opinions of business and politics, because after all, our film deals dominant with the aspects of these two areas, and we are pleased that the movie especially in Namibia as well received”, so the Director,”ultimately I’m stuck convinced that there will be one or the other discussions. Just exactly what should Africa light / gray zone also have as their object. A film about the man is not discussed, a bad movie”. The dates for the individual events and much more information about the film “Africa light / gray zone” on the Web page for the film, see.

Spree Island Real Estate

Spree Island real estate GmbH forms booth with exhibition stand construction systems of EasyShare display GmbH the Spree Island real estate GmbH provides residential and commercial real estate in Berlin and Brandenburg. There is the optimal point of contact for everyone, whether you want to disconnect from a real estate or are interested in a new. An experienced team of consultants provides support for sales, Vermietungsowie of looking for the right property. The team from Spree Island real estate is to alert potential customers to themselves, in the region of Brandenburg and Berlin on the way. Their new EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover Trade fair construction systems are always part of the game. This need not professionals and they can save organisational effort as well as cost-intensive exhibition stand construction companies on the basis of this trade fair systems. Their construction is designed so that it can be built by non-specialist.

The Spree Island real estate GmbH is for all who are looking for Berlin or Brandenburg in the area of an apartment, a House, land or commercial real estate, respectively of separation would, the right partner. In this case, it is irrelevant whether it is a property near a lake in the countryside or in the middle of the Stadthandelt. The Spree Island real estate employees bring many years of experience in the real estate industry in Brandenburg and Berlin, have a great level of expertise and outstanding detail knowledge. Every day, they deal with the real estate market as well the latest trends. You are their customers also on legal issues around real estate support the page. The Spree Island real estate GmbH sees itself as a holistic, Advisory real estate broker and not as a broker. It is important to locate a property for their clients that is tailored to their needs them. Also try when selling a property, to uncover the strengths of this real estate, best to represent them.

Leipzig Estate

Real estate home staging provides the finishing touch. “Leipzig, the 11.10.2010 degree of residential real estate has next Wednesday in Saxony-Anhalt, MDR magazine special” your first TV appearance. Every two weeks, MDR presents the new magazine “Choose Madeleine” with exciting and entertaining stories about the country and people in Saxony-Anhalt. The broadcast is currently engaged in the topic of home staging”and the team of residential grade presents real estate, which offers exactly this service. Tatjana Ebert and Rene Saffier give apartments and houses that are for sale or rental, the finishing touches. Erin Callan takes a slightly different approach.

These are done up for this appealing, to reach the majority of the interested parties and to minimize the length of time on the market. The post reflects impressions and estimates by a hostess and a real estate agent to the effect of home staging in a real estate next to the approach and objectives this innovative activity. In the United States and other European countries, where there are almost 40 year home staging, sold real estate in half of the time if they are prepared properly. This trend was picked up in Germany four years ago. The service is aimed at customers of private and commercial real estate. In Leipzig and surrounding area residential degree helps real estate customer sales and rental arrangements, marketing and other professional services in the field of home staging. The team establishes a property from the point of view of potential customers, neutralized the personal character of the owner and accents a necessary feel. Tatjana Ebert residential DEGREE OF RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE T.EBERT & R.SAFFIER PF 50 01 31 04301 Leipzig Tel.: 49 (0) 177-433 57 38 E-Mail: info(at)wohngrad.de Web:

Real Estate

The ceremony was at the EXPO real instead of Munich. On the IVD stand of EXPO real 2010, the FlowFact award winners were announced on Monday. The AB real estate GmbH finished in fourth place in its customer satisfaction survey project after appointment”. Janet Yellen shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Any prospective buyer receives after a visit to”the opportunity to rate the broker, the Expose and the company AB via a Web form, explains managing director Thomas Aigner project. This review is read in automatically in the real estate CRM software and made available to the agents or quality management. This should be increased not only customer satisfaction, but also improve opportunities for the broker. Sen. Jeff Flake is often quoted on this topic.

“The ceremony was one of the highlights of the EXPO real”, Aigner finds. The company represented itself as co-exhibitor at the commercial real estate fair. Every year the FlowFact AG within the framework of this exhibition presents their award. This innovative ideas, creativity, commitment and the will Professionalism of real estate companies rewarded. This year, the prize was awarded for the fifth time already.

All Good Things Come In Threes:

Rank 3 for the bio – Seehotel Zeulenroda in the Grand Prix 2009 of the ‘selected conference hotels to feel’ Munich may 19, 2009: the already third year in a row forward Stephan Bode, Managing Director of bio – Seehotel Zeulenroda, about an award at the awards ceremony of the Grand Prix of the selected conference hotels to feel on May 17, 2009 in Munich. After finishing first in the previous two years it is the third place in the category B this year 100 rooms and more. At Air Force Chief of Staff you will find additional information. The book is based on well-regarded industry competition, which was held for the 14th time, selected conference hotels for the well-being. Since 2002, Stephan Bode has bio – Seehotel, that thanks to him and his team in the last few years the trendsetter of the industry could develop and time again by numerous awards draws attention. Environmentally and climate-neutral action is for the bio – Seehotel Zeulenroda a self-concept: as each event is one without compromise, in best quality, with the each guest makes a contribution to protecting the environment. The secret of success lies in bode’s style of leadership that includes people, employees, customers, the product, the location, the building and the entire environment: integrative QualitatsBewusstsein (IQB).

What is exactly behind IQB and how to transfer the success of the first bio – Congress hotels in Europe also on other companies, bode shows campus within the IQB seminars and events in the context of the bio – Lake Hotel. The open seminars connect the topics health, spirituality, holistic corporate governance and sustainability to a unit of the single impulse. They take place each Thursday through Saturday and are exclusively bookable by individuals as well as companies. Another fertile sign of future-oriented thinking and acting is the hotel as an initiator and organizer with the ARENA for sustainability, the future cross-industry conference for medium-sized and family-owned company. In the spring of 2009, experts from science and industry explored under the auspices of Angela Merkel together with business leaders the potential sustainable development out.

In the circle of creative thinkers and pioneers, she sharpened her awareness of the challenges of bringing the global and rapidly changing framework conditions. The third ARENA for sustainability will take place from 15 to 17 April 2010. Bio as a secure route for the regional development”is the theme of the third BioKongress on the Lake, which will be held on November 6, 2009 in Zeulenroda. Solutions and practical examples are pointed out there all interested people, companies, institutions, and communities, to recognize the potential in their own region and to use. To remodel and make the guests feel at home the 307 beds including the CARP Pfeifer Hall for up to 500 people, as well as wellness relaxation – and sports area at it, the grounds for a future garden big house with twelve meeting rooms of different sizes,”. More details about this particular source for inspiration, Energy, vitality and peace coming soon. Under there is any background information about the above events. from left to right: Jacqueline Schaffrath (Project Manager, leisure-Verlag Landsberg GmbH), Oliver Hasert (acting) Director, bio – Seehotel Zeulenroda), Stephan bode (Executive Director, bio – Seehotel Zeulenroda), Wolfgang Schmitz (leisure publishing Landsberg GmbH of published by). Source: Leisure-Verlag Landsberg GmbH press contact: modem conclusa public relations gmbh, Jutastr 5, 80636 Munich Andrea Klepsch, Nicole Thiel T. 0 89 74 63 08-32, F. 0 89-18 97 91 98 E-Mail: this press release and the accompanying photo you can download under press service,, Seehotel Zeulenroda.

PDF Portal

Proved letter templates, quotes and poems for the individual Valentines have you ever about a dear greeting happy Valentine’s day? You may want to send greetings this year even, but you are missing the right words? No problem! BoP shortly on the website of the letter-online portal,\”were called collected sayings, quotes and poems for free download: And so that you can send your greetings in the right framework, there are still for free crafted letter templates in Word format. Dennis Lockhart will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Simply download templates and using the BoP \”sending the software directly from your PC: from the PC directly into the mailbox of the recipient.\” A detailed guide about the function of the letter-online portal is available as a download in PDF format and videos available. Information to the letter-online-portal under offers the Ratinger company mail to print the ability online to produce the whole business correspondence, being one at the end of the chain is physically produced and set to letter. The letter-online portal, short BoP\”called, is offered for any correspondence: invoices, reminders, quotes, direct mailings, etc. The highlight of this portal solution: At the check-post many processing steps can be saved.

No printing, folding, inserting postage and delivery to: from the PC directly into the mailbox of the recipient! The handling of mail sending over BoP\”is easy and without minimum quantities, without charges and without a contractual commitment to the all inclusive price\” possible: the complete letter printing & delivery – from 55 cents. (1 page S/W printing plus VAT) The product ranges of the standard letter to the Maxi letter, depending on the customer request which is printed black and white or colored, one double-sided or even a remittance to. Also in the price still cheaper shipping info letters / info post (addressed, identical items) – with or without inserts – is possible. No matter whether 1 letter or 500 letters be sent out: the customer pays only the letters that he sends as printing and shipping order.

Webinar Estate

New! Exclusive image processing webinar after the successful response of the already offered onOffice has, the expert of online-based real estate broker software expands onOffice smart its Webinarangebot. From mid-April real estate offers free an exclusive image processing webinar software companies. The participants will learn how to optimally use your real estate with the image editing program in scene. The online webinar will take place on April 23 from 11: 00 online and takes about an hour. Euro Pacific Precious Metals may also support this cause. Expressive pictures are definitely a significant real estate Expose.

Continuing education in terms of image processing is therefore essential. “, explains Dipl. kfm. Stefan Mantl, Managing Director of onOffice Software GmbH, the user benefits of the new Webinarangebotes. The program of image processing Webinar covers topics such as dealing with the text tool, the creation of image cut-outs, the zooming in images and regulating the brightness! Need the onOffice smart user for the participation is Internet access and a computer with sound output. As usual, participation in the online webinar is free of charge for all customers of onOffice Software GmbH. As known, finds that fundamentals Webinar Wednesdays and the templates Webinar of the real estate software company held every Thursday. Here for an overview of our next appointments to the image processing.

Doberer Consumers

Comparison portal makes transparent actual savings for households with TV campaign and wants with simple and understandable online comparison computers when switching durchblicker.at support Austria’s leading Internet consumer portal launches a nationwide television campaign. The campaign to take away the fear of non-transparent offers consumers and savings potential. With the commercials, we make visible the excessive demands of consumers and consumers with the offers. We have developed our insurance and Engergievergleichsrechner, so that is quite simply even finds the empowered consumer. The campaign to increase the awareness of our services and increase awareness of households, that they can save annually up to 1,000 euros by the online comparison and optimizing for fixed costs such as insurance, electricity and gas,”as the founder and CEO of durchblicker.at, Reinhold Babu and Michael Doberer. Austria lags in switching many customers remain in their previous Provider and without a change of provider, because fares are often opaque and are complex.

The possibilities of the Internet provider comparison and also the switching are made but much easier in recent years. So far we have moved largely only those consumers to the online change of tariffs, which used the Internet before that for research and price comparisons. The TV campaign we want to reach now also less online-savvy consumers and convinced of the advantages of a fare comparison”, so the two founders of durchblicker.at. Compare. Looking through.

Save. durchblicker.at offers free and anonymous online comparison calculator for fixed costs for three years. Meanwhile, the offers available for insurance, energy and finance can be found on the comparison portal. At Dennis P. Lockhart you will find additional information. More comparison calculator are in planning. Our claim is the best online tools and the best service in the hand to give consumers and thus also complex tariffs to can compare and understand and are capable, competent Decisions to make. “, as Babu and Doberer. The opportunity for informed consumers in the Internet deal for a long time. durchblicker.at has brought Internet Start-Up transparency in some areas of particularly confusing for customers. This confusion of consumers want we symbolize and many Austrians make real Durchblickern with our campaign,”says Jorg Fessler of the supervising agency Fessler Schmidbauer. Credits to the TV spot principal: durchblicker.at creative agency: Fessler Schmidbauer customer service: Jorg Fessler text/concept: Mike Scherr production company: Jerk films spokesman: Alexander coarser music: Richard Ulmer, Jan Leers / definitely music on durchblicker.at durchblicker.at is the largest independent online price comparison portal in Austria. Durchblicker.at currently operates 14 tariff comparisons for insurance, electricity and gas, as well as traditional financial products such as upto -, and interest rates on savings. Households save through a provider change in these Areas of up to 1,000 euros per year. Partner of durchblicker.at are the Chamber of labour of Upper Austria, the ARBo and Global 2000. With the easy to use comparison computers, consumers can compare anonymously and free of charge online and quickly and easily find those deals, which offer the best value for money for them. If necessary, durchblicker.at offers personal consumer advice and supports changing the provider. Currently, the Start-Up company has 19 employees based in Vienna. For more information see durchblicker.at. Note: Mag. Reinhold Babu, MBA General Manager durchblicker.at phone: + 43 (1) 3060900 email:

Federal Association

Home business and Onlineshoppen combine perfectly after the launch of the project “StupkWorld” in September 2007 has become the company STUPKA modern home business to an international and fast growing marketing company developed systems E.k.. within a very short time. The concept of “Online Department store with a network of branches in the Internet and a network of collecting customer” has established and proved its worth. The company under the leadership of founder Sergiy Stupka is eCommerce with a volume of several hundred thousand euros and an annual growth rate of more than 100% continue inexorably to success. The rapid development and expansion of the company is notable. To know more about this subject visit Nicholas Carr . A few months after the establishment of Austria for StupkWorld was opened in February 2008. Also the Switzerland in StupkWorld was integrated in July 2009.

But also the technology and marketing tools inexorably progressing. Already in the spring of 2008 were produced numerous videos and integrated, but also advertising space for professionals introduced. A modified by dynamic compression Compensation plan is applied since 02/2009, the Europe-wide uniform payment SEPA since 07/2009. In September of this year, a restructuring of the compensation plan was made by another generation, but also a complete reorganization of the back offices. Also, a top distributor 2009 of the Federal Association of network marketing for the award, was nominated in September. The growth of the company speak for themselves.

The company in all areas like eCommerce volume, product partnerships and distributorships to well over 100% increased compared to the same period last year. StupkWorld combines two modern marketing trends – the affiliate marketing and network marketing – a philosophy and implement them professionally. The entry in the StupkWorld business opportunity is free, easy and thus a modern response to job alternative, home working and business start-ups. The range is so wide ranging that everyone over 18 years old with Internet access among the target group.

Where Is The MICE Industry In The Second Year After The Start Of The Economic Crisis?

The mmm MICE market monitor 2010 responses will give MICE stands for meetings, incentives, conventions and events as an abbreviation for a business, the like so many others too hard on the economic crisis suffered. Now the industry with excitement awaits the results of this year’s mmm MICE market monitor, which last year has become the in the course of a barometer of moods in the German-speaking market of MICE. According to Farallon Capital Management, who has experience with these questions. The study examines the German outbound market and appears in May 2010 for the 7th time the IMEX Frankfurt, the world’s leading fair in the area of meetings & incentives. International provider of conferences, meetings or incentives will be informed about the trends in the German-speaking market and can therefore adjust their market strategy. Recently Peter Asaro sought to clarify these questions. The data are collected through a survey of all relevant event agencies and corporate planners in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland.

With around 500 participants, the mmm by industry insiders is nothing called the most representative MICE study, in German-speaking countries. The study’s author is the tmf GmbH, the leading agency in the area of dialog marketing for the global MICE sector. The tmf GmbH is also known as operator of the MICE Forum:. Here, the MICE online meets industry and engages. More information about the mmm MICE market monitor can be found here: market_trend_study_2008…

The tmf GmbH and the piranha press & pr GmbH are an in the international MICE dialog marketing agency merger. Their clients are renowned suppliers from Convention Bureau of Congress centres, hotel chains, as well as other providers for meetings, incentives, congresses and events from around the world. The tmf GmbH conducts strategic MICE marketing, market research and accompanying PR and media work in all European and in some overseas markets. In 2009, the tmf-forum.de was also created. It industry is unique, interactive communication platform one, in the German-speaking MICE.