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Successful focus on infrastructural facility services – double-digit growth in security services in Germany Wuppertal, December 9, 2010 the HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co. KG in Wuppertal, a company of the Vorwerk group, shows up with the course of the financial year 2010 satisfied. The service providers in the domestic registered significant growth in new business. Their business model, based on the three pillars of building services, building cleaning and security services, will continue to hold HECTAS. The cleaning and building services sectors remained stable this year. Here convinced HECTAS sustainability concepts on the market, among other things the use environment certified cleaning products as well as energy-saving and ergonomic machines and devices. Since Green Buildings on the real estate market are increasingly present, sustainable system solutions are expected also in management. Demand for security services increased draught horse within the core segments of HECTAS was in 2010 the area of security, which has grown significantly.

For the coming year, HECTAS also expects a dynamic growth. Because a growing need for qualified security professionals in General, protect the people and property from fire, burglary, theft, industrial espionage, accidents and other risks. On the other hand the UW service providers is not only perceived as a specialist for cleaning and infrastructural facility services, but increasingly as a security expert. In July, all branches the HECTAS security services have received safety certification according to DIN 77200. Also, 2010 three new offices in Berlin have been opened nationwide to customers available to Hannover and Frankfurt am Main. Positive development in the new business to its biggest success in acquiring new customers is one of the penitentiary of Bremervorde in the HECTAS from 2013, when the 66 million euro construction is complete, will take over a large part of the infrastructural services. With the first partially privatized correctional facility in Lower Saxony is also, HECTAS first participate in a public-private partnership project of this magnitude.