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The Merger Trend In Real Estate Company Settles 2014

On the German real estate market, a lot will happen in the new year. St. Gallen, 10.01.2014. All the characters are available on growth through mergers. The TAG Immobilien AG has acquired a residential real estate portfolio with around 2,860 units and 57 commercial units at a purchase price of EUR 70.5 million in December. The real estate company Deutsche Annington begins the year with an agreement for the purchase of Vitus real estate. Thereby, Vitus could be rated around 1.3 billion euros.

Vitus is a German landlords of residential properties and is partly owned by Blackstone. The Deutsche Annington is the largest private company in this country. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Nickolas Carr . “” Developments of this type show the German real estate market currently is how and how much “inside music this year is”, Michael Oehme says consultant at the CapitalPR AG in St. Gallen. Last year, especially the merger of Deutsche Wohnen with GSW had been seen. The two companies with about 148 000 flats, become the second largest real estate power in Germany. The trend to the Consolidation in the German housing market seems to continue.

This assumption, since nine months Chief of Deutsche Annington confirmed also Rolf Buch. The Bochum-based real estate group is the largest landlord in Germany with 179 000 own homes valued at 10.4 billion euros already. And the growth continues. Book contradicts the assumption however, it involves the big players in the industry just buy, buy and buy again. “I am more so, satisfy tenants than with portfolio purchases and sales.” The above-average length of stay of Anningnton tenants is four and a half years. You live for two and a half years longer in her apartment as an average tenant in Germany. Although rent increases when tenants change can be most easily enforced, fluctuations due to the cost of tenant search and renovation does not pay off. The large apartment companies have noticed this,”explains Michael Oehme. Of course of the Deutsche Annington suffers since stock exchange in July 2013. However, it is next possible takeover does not fail on the money. In its interim report to shareholders wrote book unless provided enough capital to take over portfolios up to four billion euros. But he makes it clear: “We are risking our rating with any acquisition.” The IPO in July there was the good grade “BBB” by the rating agency Standard Poor’s.