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Rebecca Wilhelmi

TAR-Alliance, a name by which you will read much and hear. Downtime cost money! Optimized planning and quick scope, taking into account the necessary standards in the security and supply chain management to minimize downtime. For more specific information, check out American Writer. Unplanned or well prepared, a system or machine that is not produced or only with half capacity, costs the operator in a short time money. Follow others, such as Professor of British History, and add to your knowledge base. Not only in the chemical and petrochemical industry has been recognized this year by a good maintenance and turnaround concept the value added and the savings potential and is becoming increasingly the focus of the management and controlling. Each operator goal the same as cost-efficient and productive as possible to manage his investment principle. The resulting problems and issues are, however, often very individual and system-specific. At present, autonomous projects of each production facility are the only way to find innovative solutions. Competent, experienced knowledge carriers offer sources of information for these investments in the project itself in addition to the executive organ and contribute to a better and above all faster find of the best solution.

Clustering for knowledge transfer out of this principle in the past, several groups of companies for the exchange of information have formed. In most of these groupings to meet once a year to explore the current trends of the market, to share knowledge and to make deals. In fact, but only a self representation of the cooperation partners is proclaimed at this meeting for the most part. Competitors share only a minimum of information to secure the alleged competitive advantage. Looking innovative ideas in the protocols of the meetings and the later implementation in the concepts of the respective participant companies therefore usually in vain. What is the Alliance of TAR? The TAR Alliance arises differently at this point. A merger of partners, not competitors, we are! “, is the initiator of Rebecca Wilhelmi, business development of TechDo GmbH, the right words as the description of the Alliance.