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Heating Bills

Cooperation community built Germany’s largest power plant Berlin, March 14, 2010 – electricity from renewable raw materials and renewable sources is the future. But not always the sun shines, the wind is blowing. For a reliable electricity supply, an intelligent energy mix must be provided. Electricity, which is then produced, if the wind turbines stand still, or when the Sun is not shining. Clean power, the reliable and produces on-demand is.

Power, which accelerated the phase-out of nuclear and coal and brings the independence from oil and gas. Pushed in collaboration with the CEHATROL fuel EC became the rule power plant project”. Leading the service network is hotelsys.de with over 170,000 members. With the engine, control power plant, is performed in wellness – and conference hotels or other properties such as hospitals or nursing homes, generating energy by means of a cogeneration (CHP) using fuel made from renewable resources, synthetic diesel named CEHATROL. The power plant is BBs from many individual CHP exist and a parent control of the energy cooperative Freudenberg EC I.g.., which enables permanent access to decentralised energy producers. Thus, the merger to a large power plant is controlled. Properties of all kinds, mainly hotels, will be sought for the power of this rule.

From a consumption of 200 000kW heat or cold, or 20,000 litres of fuel oil consumption in the year is an object viable. The property owner gets up to 0.03 euros per kWh heat consumption depending on the profitability of its object and a heat loss contract with at least two years term, paid. In a feasibility study all potential of the property are identified and made available to the property owner prior to the conclusion of contracts the project starts in 2013 with the acquisition of the project partners and property owners. In 2014, then the objects gradually connected to the power station and connected to the network.