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CDE Management Has Acquired Software Abc

The CDE Management GmbH with immediate effect the abc software & management GmbH took over the abc GmbH was founded in the year 1995. The company also in the advice worked alongside the development of software. It is fused with the CDE Management GmbH and continued their business areas within the CDE Management GmbH. This succeeded, to offer complementary services and still powerfully to occur at the market. In particular IT company benefit from the merger, because experience and implementation from a single source. The company offers now comprehensive consulting concepts for IT companies CDE management from strategy to implementation. IT companies exposed to particularly the economy, so that the concepts of CDE Management GmbH are valuable especially in today’s time. Pforzheim, December 9, 2009 contact: CDE Management GmbH pure J.

Marquart Blucher str. 32 75172 Pforzheim Tel.: 07231-426435-0 CDE short description: CDE Management GmbH: Foundation in 1991. The purpose of the business was, Software development in the field of industrial quality management with over 1,100 projects. As one of the first consulting firms, the CDE has been certified according to ISO 9001. 2007 the area of CAQ software was sold, with decades of experience entirely to devote himself to promoting the software industry.