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Brazil Expenses

After Brazil to have been elect the country headquarters of the Pantry of the World of Soccer of 2014, some plans and projects for organization and qualification of the terms related to the preparation of the country for the event, had been suggested by the government. Although almost nothing it has been fact, part of the population believes that the country will obtain to reach a satisfactory level for the waited accomplishment, and that this will bring many benefits. But, one has left of the Brazilians believes that the country does not have conditions to use billions of Reals in a on reform to the sport, without before becoming worthy the access of the citizen the health, education, transport and security. Analyzing the advantages that the Pantry can bring to the country, we detach the development, the centered commerce and the related public improvements to the event. However, if to observe the curses supposedly acquired, we will see to the front, the social exclusion, the cost-of-living increase and the use of mounts of money not guaranteed. The Brazilians who see the Pantry as an event that will bring problems, they affirm that, exactly with the use of private resources, the public money probably expense in the reforms, would be enough to improve all the public areas, also the transport. certainly, these used Real millions in the construction and stadium reform, would be more than the necessary one to give to each pupil of public school, one laptop – project suggested for the party of the current government and never effected.

In the end of everything this, remains the question: it will be that the country would have to improve the public access to the health, education, transport and security, before investing in a esportivo event or, the same will bring these changes? Certainly, this esteem money to be expense, could already have been used in the time country, carrying through the fiance’ for the previous governments. After all, these changes are necessary with or without esportivo popular event. For the time being, it remains in waiting the outcome to them of this history, but, without losing the human liberty of speech and basic concepts already guaranteed for us citizens. Vnia Santana Faleira So Paulo, Brazil email: