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The difference from our program on the market today – coupled with the ease of use, maximize personal communication. No chat, no cell phone, or SMS can not provide this level of communication, just like talking face to face. That's what we sell at ooVoo. By the way, from its name – ooVoo? We once asked a company that specializes in marketing, to come up with a suitable name. Select from the dozens of us most like version of the "two pairs of eyes on both sides – and the Video in the center of interest", and remained here: ooVoo. It looks not only pretty, but internationally – is clear to all, well, so in this version we stopped. What's it like to break into the software market when the market is actually divided up? It is very difficult – to put it mildly.

We believe that we should work in several directions. In addition to the classical, general advertising on popular websites, we are trying to find ways to "target groups" and not only through the Internet. For example – by geography: there are countries in that the level of Internet use and Internet infrastructure is very advanced. There, accordingly, is high and interest in video calls, because the quality is technically assured and required software. More one way – to refer to groups of Internet users, for which our program will be the basis for additional work opportunities.

That is to say, business customers, especially those who have fairly regular communicate the case with each other and it is important at this to see each other. It is those businesses that are starting to adopt the use of video in support services, systems communicate with the client: see the employee giving an explanation – it is easier to understand, and it is very important for the company image. In addition, we organize the cooperation with "traditional" media channels, in particular – with TV channels, this summer – with the "Children's Channel". I had an idea: after all, and six people at once – it is very suitable for consultation teacher "at home" with his students … This we believe is a very promising area – and that was the reason you're talking about. Talk "one on one" – is still not efficient enough, but the "one-to-five" – is already working with a training group. Educational structures – from schools to universities – it is very suitable for video market, as well as ooVoo – very suitable for this market software. You can even use it in the classroom: connect a computer to a projector, a video call to contact a colleague from another school, another city, another country – and to work together. As an option? Very interesting … And promising – and for customers and for us. A few words about the technical tricks – after all there are? Of course. For example, you can send a potential interlocutor special file by running which it can communicate via ooVoo – free download software, install it and register, as is usually done. That is, use without installing ooVoo of the program on my computer? Exactly. The user will receive temporary access to communication with our program – without the fear that he will not be able to install the program. Such a method is very suitable for HR-managers, conducting video interviews with hiring. Saves time both sides and gives you more than a phone interview.