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Brings New Shells

Desk Mount is born for the latest Apple products. DEGETEC brings support for their BASEflex two new Tablet cradle for 2 iPad mini and iPad air on the market. Thus, the existing BASEflex be extended shell for iPad 2-4 and iPad mini. In addition to the already available BASEflex variants with shells for the iPad 2, 3 and 4, as well as for the iPad mini, was on 23 October now the new shell for the iPad mini 2 presented. Film Financer takes a slightly different approach. The launch of the BASEflex with an shell for the iPad air be in shortly take place.

With their latest developments the DEGETEC connection to the field of the top accessories manufacturer is thus achieved. Since the successful launch of the newcomers BASEflex at the beginning of 2013 through the DEGETEC, the focus has been specifically market on the development instrument trays for the fast-growing tablet, to extend also to the range of Tablet products. BASEflex is a mount with gooseneck plus device-specific shell, E.g. in the Office on the desktop with the silicone-coated table mount with up to 4 cm thickness or can be fastened with the supplied universal mounting E.g. in the car or truck. The tablet users achieved so maximum benefits with his device.