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3D Driver For Blu-ray Discs

Rimage reports huge demand for solutions for the archiving and distribution of digital content Dietzenbach according to IBC, September 27, 2010 the international broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam was determined this year by issues such as Stereo 3D and file-based workflows. In addition, the topic of 3D came workflow”at around 48,000 visitors on broad interest. The Rimage Europe GmbH comes to this conclusion on the IBC, inter alia with the Panasonic AG-3DA1 FULL HD 3D camcorder at their booth set. Live thus produced 3D HD video shots of the visitors are archived at the booth Rimage in real time and automated menu structure on Blu-ray discs produced. The growing popularity of 3D content especially for the cinema audience pushing the technology further. Demand for Blu-ray in turn benefits discs by the decreasing cost per terabyte, high compatibility and extended archive guarantees. 3D and Blu-ray discs determine just two issues the market each other greatly driving up”, says Jurgen Sattelmayer, vertical business manager of the Rimage Europe GmbH.

tapes as disks and analog technologies have clearly looking up.” Special interest visitors showed the IBC on solutions that cover the entire archiving workflow: from the input of data and the generation of proxy clips, through the assignment of metadata to the physical storage and search capabilities of the raw material. In particular the users of Panasonic, Canon, Sony and RED memory card login here growing demand for new solutions. Increasingly, the availability of different variants of the 3D-Authorings employs the industry. Mainly fully automated 3D Blu-ray Authoring without manual intervention, as well as various compression methods and its automated integration with the workflow aroused the interest of the public at the IBC. The IFA, which took place shortly before the IBC, has shown the subject of 3D is now as popular.

In Amsterdam, the visitors had the opportunity to experience even the production of 3D live now. The FULL HD 3D camcorder, which was a Panasonic AG-3DA1, definitely a Crowd-puller. Thus managed to show us, how are the amounts of data that fall, the best way to handle a 3D production, archive and publish”, explains Jurgen Sattelmayer. The 3D technology requires user-friendly and affordable solutions to continue their success beyond the box-office. One of the answers lies in the seamless connection of professional burner systems, high-performance archiving software and Blu-ray discs as a storage medium. There more interesting developments here in the coming months.”

Bluray Production

Tips and NEWS about Blu-ray production and manufacturing, as well as the MVC encoding 3D and BD3D mastering Launches 3D Blu-ray entertainment MARKET (BD3D) production and manufacturing. After extensive testing, entertain MARKET the BD3D today launches production of a 3D of music videos. Two separate video streams, specification of BD3D converted with a high-quality MVC encoder in the required 3D of profile 5 serve as the basis. Comparing with the present production tools and techniques a DVD, making a 3D Blu-ray (called also BD3D) disc required for making a 3D Blu-ray a completely stand-alone, new production environment. Starting from the specific video encoding (the 3D MVC format) about the 3D-Authoring and the 3D-Mastering, profiles are needed also for the consideration of the final videos 5 compatible playback devices (3D-Blu-ray-Player and television or monitors). In addition to the available production sites to the DVD and companies from business, Commerce, manufacturing, Blu-ray industry as well as the entire entertainment industry now Entertain MARKET on the high-end peripheral access back production need these to the 3D Blu-ray.

Savvy programmers and 3D realize here impressive projects for small and large runs. Production environment: Quality assurance place the final 3D Blu-ray will be the tests with 3D TV and 3D-BD-Player of Panasonic software for the MVC encoding authoring tool on two software players: ArcSoft TMT, CyberLink PowerDVD and the hardware player: Panasonic DMP-BDT300, as well as the TV Panasonic TX-P50VT20E. Other applications include: 3D movies, 3D short films, 3D animations, 3D documentaries, 3D commercials, 3D commercials, 3D image films, 3D of product videos, 3D tutorials, 3D of training videos… Like to entertain MARKET specialist team answers your questions about the production steps, Materialanfoderungen and manufacturing costs of Blu-ray 3D (BD3D). Of course you can speak also to other issues such as for example the Web connectivity of Blu-ray titles. For more information about the BD3D manufacture, the inclusion of 3D Filming, post production of 3D movies, the MVC encoding, 3D Blu-ray Authoring, 3D Blu-ray mastering, as well as the final production and reproduction, visit the website entertain market. FMP


POS systems and POS software by PosBill summer heat. The ice coffee business is booming. Each coveted outdoor space is occupied and the staff has to put all hands full. Technology author: the source for more info. Right now, it’s good timing, quick hands and a stable running POS system. Who has ever worked with a modern office, which has perhaps also even a touch screen, the ease of use allows would never again return to paper and pen.

These devices save not only time, but also nerves. Modern cash registers can print much more than just coupons! You can print logo on the invoice, daily and monthly accruals, accounting reports and waiter statements. Most programming is also very simple and the user must make only one keystroke and everything is already done. The order receipts come out directly in place and can be edited directly. How beautiful it is when the caterer to the actual important things can look after: satisfied Customers who come back and recommend to others! For which there is now a new generation of funds: the small mobile! They are often no larger than a cell phone, but can do more for a lot as such. Ruck with no time on the touchpad down everything and the order is sent, without any annoying back and running here. Even invoices for these small devices can be printed. It is second in the are and thought about how much time with such a cost saving and how much revenue more in your Pocket can flow, pays off the output of such a device in any case.

In addition, you get additional control and security. A sales and also tax billing is finally irreplaceable for every economically minded restaurateur. It is all the more important to leave an honest partner. The company PosBill is such a partner. Her satisfaction is still capitalized. The motto is commitment to fair prices. This is the technical expertise, the narrow Customer contact in nothing after. This fund companies on the market has prevailed despite the abundant competition.

Brings New Shells

Desk Mount is born for the latest Apple products. DEGETEC brings support for their BASEflex two new Tablet cradle for 2 iPad mini and iPad air on the market. Thus, the existing BASEflex be extended shell for iPad 2-4 and iPad mini. In addition to the already available BASEflex variants with shells for the iPad 2, 3 and 4, as well as for the iPad mini, was on 23 October now the new shell for the iPad mini 2 presented. Film Financer takes a slightly different approach. The launch of the BASEflex with an shell for the iPad air be in shortly take place.

With their latest developments the DEGETEC connection to the field of the top accessories manufacturer is thus achieved. Since the successful launch of the newcomers BASEflex at the beginning of 2013 through the DEGETEC, the focus has been specifically market on the development instrument trays for the fast-growing tablet, to extend also to the range of Tablet products. BASEflex is a mount with gooseneck plus device-specific shell, E.g. in the Office on the desktop with the silicone-coated table mount with up to 4 cm thickness or can be fastened with the supplied universal mounting E.g. in the car or truck. The tablet users achieved so maximum benefits with his device.

Germany Estate

Whether temporarily vacant buildings, construction site, or schools, VPSitex offers optimum protection for people and property in the event of danger. On the security of 2012, VPSitex for the first time presents the new mobile alert system with video verification, SmartAlarm gold. The 100% wireless and media-independent wireless alarm system is ideal for applications such as in unused real estate, suitable for monitoring of open spaces and the assurance of construction sites. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Federal Reserve Bank. When the motion detector with built-in camera is recorded a 5-second-long video sequence, stored and transmitted to a 24 h, 7 days week-hour emergency call centre. Compared to other radio systems, the first evaluable image is transferred within by only 75 seconds. So can cost of unnecessary travel by unwanted alarms, which are raised, saving animals and at the same time improve the level of security for real estate. If you have read about Peter Schiff already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Especially combining with unique components, such as the theft of cable channels, can the widespread problem of the Theft of copper cables be prevented on Germany’s construction sites and the material damages thus arising, or construction delays. So it also serves as support for human security on the ground to uncover illegal use and threats quickly and effectively.. . Frequently Peter Asaro has said that publicly.