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Professional Cosmetology Courses

What is taught in courses cosmetologists in Kiev? Modern Beauty is developing rapidly, so today is very relevant courses cosmetologist. As practice shows, a beautician may now be as people with medical education, and without it, it depends on the range of services that can offer future cosmetologist. Procedures that require licenses, cosmetologist without medical education do has no right. We shall tell you in a nutshell, what is taught in our training center courses cosmetologists, so that you have an idea of the common themes that teach cosmetology courses in Kiev. Courses are cosmetologists the overall program, where students learn the most basic of cosmetic procedures, for example – peels. What is pilling? Peel (from the English 'to peel') called a special cleaning procedure of the skin that literally updates face, making it fresh, removing irregularities and fine lines. The program includes courses for beauticians technology of peeling such as: chemical peels (light, medium, deep).

General information about the chemical peeling: retinoic, salicylic, phenol peels. Glycolic peels. Ultrasonic peeling. Enzyme peels. Coral peeling. In the course includes training a cosmetologist 4-eat types of massage. Lymphatic drainage massage – used to swelling of the face, swelling of the eyes, skin with couperose, with stagnation in the anti-aging procedures.

Jacquet massage – therapeutic massage, used in procedures for the treatment of acne, post-acne, seborrhea, removes swelling, pigmentation and stagnant spots, bumps and scars. Plastic massage – used in anti-aging procedures in the gravitational type of aging. Classical massage – used for aging skin, dryness and swelling of the face, with different types of aging. And also in courses for future cosmetologist is trained hair removal wax. You will learn the types of wax, how do they differ, their use, contraindications, and learn how to perform the procedure depilyatsii.Vazhnoe place in cosmetic procedures is the body. Beautician courses include a cursory examination – what is overweight, lipodystrophy (cellulite), the etiology and pathogenesis, the types of cellulite. On courses Cosmetologists teach you how to deal with cellulite (cellulite program), correction, treatment, algae and mud. Courses for beauticians can tell you how to care for different types of skin, you will learn do different kinds of masks, depending on skin type. As well as courses in Cosmetic treatment is ACNE (acne), Rosacea (acne rosacea), rosacea, demodicosis, seborrhea. We will briefly told what the minimum should be to teach courses for cosmetologists, this is the main selection of the Training Center, where the minimum theory + professional instructors, practice! What the sample and the diploma is not important, it is important that you know how! Good luck in training