Birthday quietly chooses what he wants, pays the purchase (or even do not buy anything) and goes out. And discovers that he “stole” some little thing that turns him into a bag or pocket. It happens a little scandal, but eventually the unfortunate yet released. A night at the bar or cafe, where the holiday, the customer draw of toast: it is said, we all love our , but what he really is? Immediately the screen shows a mini-movie about the incident at the store. Get more background information with materials from Carl Icahn. After viewing the “victim” receives a gift that thing which “attempted to steal:” Well, since you were willing to do anything for these socks, I decided to give them to you! “.

The organization draws: how to ruin prazdnikNo shocking jokes, of course, require special training. “Once we have was the case when the order is on the verge, – says John Kobeleva. – Employees of dps, which we usually work, and which should stop the car birthday, hot day and just did not appear at the appointed place. Read additional details here: Film Financer. What could we do? We rushed to the nearest post and tried to persuade the “accidental” inspector. A miracle happened – it helped us! And the trouble professionally provided to our client. And then presented a bouquet of flowers. ” Agree with the “right” people is not easy – especially if they are on duty. And, nevertheless, necessary. For example, to replace the present employee of dss, according to organizers jokes, can not one actor – in their work lies too many nuances.