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The Insurer

Takes over the first six weeks of incapacity for work the employer the payment of sickness benefit. This but requires the written proof which must be carried out continuously. To do this, the doctor used the so-called “yellow slip”. This contains a copy for the employer (which contains no diagnosis) and one for the (legal) health insurance. Because you have private insurance, you can send this part also to the private health insurance, or but this also informally inform n. For the information, I recommend always the writing, because only this allows a corresponding proof.

(Fax, letter or phone call with written confirmation). Here too, the notification must be made at the latest to the expiration of the 6-week period. What happens after the message to the private daily sickness benefit insurance? A same procedure is now self-employed and workers. After the message has been made, you will receive your Krankentategeldversicherer post. This will give you some forms to fill you as insured and on the other hand, the treating physician must.

The “yellow ticket” is no longer sufficient and will be replaced by a so-called “pendulum”certificate. The form is named so, because this between doctor and patient “oscillating”. On this form, the doctor confirmed incapacity for work and the patient sends it to the insurer. This in turn confirms the withdrawal of the Krankentagelden on the form and sends it back to the insured. But still the other forms must be completed prior to the first disbursement. Herein, questions are provided to the professional activity, queried if applicable to working hours and place of work. Just so, the insurer can judge whether the diagnosis fits of illness the incapacity for work, too. A commercial job can be exercised if necessary also with a broken leg and not necessarily leads to 100% incapacity. The profession is dependent, however driving can look quite different.