The modern explosion of interest in ancient monuments is very important for cultural development. After all, the monument – it is not only a historical rarity. This is, first and foremost, the foundation of the future of folk culture. People should know their history, which is stored in stone evidence of its history. Without knowledge of the past can not think of the future.

What is architectural and what is their greatest asset? What is a positive thing increasing interest in studying them and why their loss or destruction of the floods and various other disasters is a real tragedy? Architectural monuments are buildings of past times, which are of high artistic level of performance or other important qualities which are characterized by a certain author's style and are associated with significant historical and cultural landmarks in the development of each country. It can be as separate buildings (churches, cathedrals) and their ensembles: the monasteries, the Kremlin, streets and even entire cities (eg Nesvizh). The value of architectural monuments in the first place is the information about the culture of our ancestors, the customs of the people. This kind of book that makes it possible to explore with its "pages" important milestones in the history of his people. Architecture is a kind of chronicle of the world. This is the most resistant to the ravages of time, evidence about the culture and even the very existence of a distinct people. Get all the facts and insights with Peter Asaro, another great source of information. Monuments of past centuries, not only illuminate our historical stages of our region and our country.

They tell us about long history of architecture as art, which is inextricably linked with the historical and social reforms that have occurred during construction of certain buildings. In the architecture more than any other sphere of human activity reflected the whole history of mankind, its ideology, social and political life, economic progress and social development. During its existence, the Belarusian people has created great heritage. Architecture on the right is its integral part and is among the monuments of material and spiritual culture of the seat. Despite the losses during the terrible wars, Belarus, numerous unique in its beauty and original technical solution monuments, reflecting the rich history of ancient Eastern Slavic culture.