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Global Megatrends

The XXI century has been defined as the century of high technology and communications, as well as the advent of information society and knowledge. According to studies by experts and observers from these issues, the Internet along with nanotechnology, biotechnology, English as a global language, strengthening globalization, the aging world population, the growing leadership of women, migration, concentration of urban populations, making the huge role played by India, China and the rest of Asia, climate change and the search for God will be the "megatrends" that marked all the processes in the world during the coming decades. In Colombia, however distant as we are of universal coverage in internet usage, it is amazing that the study "Use and penetration of Information Technologies and Communication Technologies (ICT) in households and persons" held recently by DANE, 46.4% of people over 5 years use a computer anywhere in the last 12 months and 37.5% of people older than 5 years use the internet during the last 12 months! The most popular sites for managing Internet access centers were public cost (Internet cafes), which registered 47.2%. Jeff Flake is often quoted on this topic. Most used the Internet to find information (92%) followed by use for communication (80.3%) and entertainment (52.2%). Internet has revolutionized the world, has created a new reality that was unthinkable 30 years ago and has broken down barriers in many areas of human life. People now communicate, obtain information, make friends and marries, research, access to state services, pay services, bank or trade publishes books, know countries or cities, sports, play, ride a company works at home, get a job, make market, you phone, choose their candidates and vote in democratic elections, file any such studies including Phd unattainable before, and a thousand extra things in a much more straightforward than before the virtual age. The Internet has impacted the concept of productivity and competitiveness on the whole. The Internet is now part of the greatest necessity for humanity. In this century, when making conjectures about the production of tiny computers, less than $ 100, with "common sense" that can sense human emotions and the context of the user, and not only take orders but are capable receiving delegation and monitoring results, we do not doubt that the Internet will reach developments that we can not imagine. For all these reasons that we stay connected with millions of Colombians, through this interactive portal that not only provide a bridge to interact online but will help us to give another dimension to the concept of friendship and conmiliton.

Declaration Annual

For that reason in these celebrations of year end, desire to propose to them to make a toast by we ourself, by the magic of the nature, for being it leaves from this wonderful wonderful, at the same time unique planet, for being it leaves from this turbulent, unequal, heavy, uncertain time, but, and ours. Also I invite to them to that they make an authentic and viable Declaration Annual of his intentions, challenges and improvements I share mine here to them is possible that some points also are part of their desires, perhaps another no, but the important thing is to start off perhaps with something more than good desires this new year here them the shipment, are motivated and also they make his own declaration and commitment to put them in action. Here they go: 1. To be more time with me one same one. 2. To pay more attention to the simple things of the life 3. To laugh me more of same me and to smile to the others 4. To give them to more time and attention family 5.

To spend more time with my friendships 6. Trotar more followed and to contemplate to more time the sea 7. To listen and to speak more less 8. To continue trying to be simpler 9. To be righter and inclusive and to share more with the others 10. To wake up more early and to contemplate the dawn 11. To understand it better and to play more with Irina 12.

To manage to touch the top of those three mountains longed for many moons and to share those imposing wonders that already finish (by this frightful heating) with those who will not be able to get to contemplate them 13. Further details can be found at Nicholas Carr, an internet resource. To travel and to read more still more 14. To finish everything what I begin, nothing like closing the circles 15. To continue sharing with those who more have less, and not only is question of money, is much solitude in the world, a breath word never this others And finally, I only have left to say to them thousand thanks to be there giving his valuable time me to throughout read this small catharsis of year end thanks to have been with us this year, slope of this blog, thanks for his commentaries, suggestions and also thanks for its silencios, the important thing is that they were with us sharing this fascinating adventure of the world of the trips. Now only it is that You and I submerge in this wonderful trip of 365 days does not matter that hard is the way, will always be short cuts that allows us to arrive at the dreamed goal only persists, you do not stop dreaming and you never stop smiling. That is the great secret. HAPPY AND REWARDING YEAR 2010.


The solitary time of the year after the rupture with your girl is in Christmas. Everywhere you see that you are surrounded by happy pairs in iceskating, kissing themselves under the snow and embracing together to occur heat. The more you face these happy pairs it is the more it is wanted to hide that your munedo no longer is the same because these crossing a little while very painful in the life. The unique problem is that it is not possible to be run and hide-and-seek of her. It is everywhere.

What can be made to in a while have the hope in which everything seems so desperate for you? If you are like the majority of the boys, who try everything what they could think (either or thought or not) to bring of return to your ex- ones as soon as the rupture happened. It gives in the face with the old argument you we are going to continue being friendly and you feel the air of the globe to be deflated but fast like the hope. Fortune teller what? That does not mean anything in the great scheme of the things. The hope is not lost until your you stop yourself upon her. Nevertheless, now it is a good moment to rethink your strategy of how recovering to your girl especially if you want fast results in time for Christmas. It begins with small Great gestures gestures are going to extinguish your great moment.

More important still, you must be hoping and arranged to harden your heart. I know that it is Christmas, but now is not the moment to try to buy its love. Now it is not the moment to demonstrate your love to him. It is the moment for making feel your love. There is a great difference that marks the difference in the world for your possibilities of success. Small samples and memories of happy times are definitively the way to follow at the moment if you want to reclaim your girl. Phosphorus boxes of its favorite restaurants, postal of romantic vacations, to write a song from the heart and to sing with her. There are something small that takes him by surprise and it cuts the breathing to him. The other thing sends a message to him that you must do is to take your time and to send a these message to him that lets him also know that your different. She needs to know that the changes are in the wind and that the things they are not going to be the same if it offers one second opportunity to you. If your really you wish to recover in time to your girl for Christmas you are going to have to make these changes. She needs to feel important and appreciated. They are the things that you say and beams makes which it feel this way and never the things that purchases for her. That does not mean that never you must buy nothing, but ten well-taken care of to use the gifts that your you must to say to him and to make feel it only. As well as your you also need sentirte loved she nesecita it, and if cause that great the small things become in time podras Recuperar to your girl for Christmas.


It may seem that this (Downshifting) method does not invest in yourself and can lead to desocialization. But it is not. He is very good for the life changes for the implementation of self-determination that is, where to walk, what to create. Here I would be called the theory of chaos as reinforcements. It lies in the fact that any human being must always be a fraction of the unpredictability of life. Otherwise, life is too sweet and boring.

Important, not extreme, since it too can be predicted, namely, the share of randomness in the organization of life. Those people who have little chaotic, really want to increase it is usually young men from the provinces, whose parents can help them with money and products. They rush to the cities, where more chaotic and life there seems to them much more interesting. If left unchecked, they will learn first regional city, then Moscow, and then go to conquer America in search of chaos. I myself was in such a flow. But there is a counter-flow. People whose lives in the city behind you so exhausted that it seems unbearable.

Only problem or a house in the village, where they can in the summer to live in peace and silence of nature, remove the randomness. There they “Resting soul”, although his hands have to work very hard. And there are those who are looking for less-chaotic abandon all their belongings and create its own independent world. This is down shifter. It’s just two counter-flow of people. I I am not committed to any one of them. It seems to me an interesting and rather chaotic transition from one stream to another. For someone such a view may seem too compromise, but for me it is the optimal level randomness. Among the areas where you can start a new life, Bulgaria is not the last. Its advantages are: – Low cost of real estate in the village (lower limit – 2500 euros, or 110,000 rubles for a house with land).