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Professional Cookware

But the pots, pans and cutlery from the alloy 18/10 really remarkable – they can cook and store any food for a long time, they are easy to wash detergents. For example, using a leading German manufacturer Dr. Weigert. Meets all these requirements tableware manufacturers such as Pujadas, Stalgast. Practicality in use at the expense of the outer surface of unpolished, polished matte outer surface more resistant to mechanical damage; bottom "sandwich" with pots, pans and saucepans provides optimal teploraspredelenie (bottom "sandwich" – a triple bottom thermal diffusion, the bottom that distributes heat, consisting of two layers of 18/10 stainless steel, between which is placed a thick layer of aluminum; bottom is evenly heated at the temperature of gaining even or uneven heat, in addition, this layer provides strength and floor heating), Chinese manufacturers are, at best, offer a bowl of stainless steel 18 / 0, this indicates that the composition of this dish is not nickel, or the amount is insignificant. More information is housed here: Dan Miller. Which in turn affects the very low corrosion properties of the dish and its strength. Also frequently used utensils made of aluminum, but it has more restrictions in the application on the plates of different systems (eg, induction stoves). The same aluminum is very sensitive to chemical agents used in professional dishwashers.

As well as this metal is prohibited for use in all European countries, due to interaction with the products – oxidation. Criterion number 2: Certification. All Professional Cookware shall in all respects meet the requirements of State Standard. The total allocation of lead, chromium, copper, zinc and nickel have dishes Pujadas ten times less than the established norms. All data are confirmed by certificates compliance. Tableware Pujadas has an international quality certificate ISO 9002, which confirms its leading position as manufacturer of high quality products for the professional kitchen. As a general rule, kitchen utensils, made firms no name is not certified as a professional.