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Expert Khaled Kaissar (domicil Verwaltungs GmbH) reasons why a residential real estate is a rewarding investment and why now is the right time for a purchase calls. Housing shortage is a problem that is present in every German city. There is acute shortage in the Bavarian city of Munich, the demand is enormous. According to the Institute for Demoscopy Allensbach, Munich is the most popular place of residence throughout Germany. A good reason to invest in residential property”, says Khaled Kaissar (domicil Verwaltungs GmbH, domicil muc.de) therefore the active since 20 in the real estate industry.

There are many ways to accumulate capital and to secure for years. Real estate is still one of the most popular investments. “Investment in residential buildings are today and in the future of one of the surest ways to create capital and to increase”, says Khaled Kaissar (domicil Verwaltungs GmbH). Especially the purchase of residential properties worth: in an attractive and economically strong metropolitan area such as Munich is the demand for high-quality Real estate very high. The steadily rising rents increased, at the same time the value of real estate and therefore the investment”so Khaled Kaissar (domicil Verwaltungs GmbH) further. When buying such residential property, it should be noted a lot, but know Khaled Kaissar (domicil Verwaltungs GmbH): at the domicil Verwaltungs GmbH, we have especially apartments in houses with 12-100 units as an investment in the program.

Particular attention should be paid but on the infrastructural situation of the apartment and any renovation.” Khaled Kaissar (domicil Verwaltungs GmbH) private buyers can take the fear of large investment shortly after the economic and financial crisis: there are currently comparatively low prices attractive condominiums. The still low interest rates are particularly lucrative. Regardless, how quickly the credit is repaid, effectively more money available is the owner by eliminating a rent. A condominium is one the best age provisions so as before.” There are many motivations, in a Residential real estate investing. Housing shortages in cities such as Munich, one of the most attractive cities in Europe, and the future waiver of rental costs are just two reasons. Real estate expert Khaled Kaissar (domicil Verwaltungs GmbH): Whether as residential real estate gaining private or commercial investment, at appropriate position and maintenance, constant value. Because, especially in cities such as Munich, the demand for high-quality real estate remains consistently high.” Business address: Domicil Verwaltungs GmbH hop 4 D-80335 Munich contact: Khaled Kaissar Tel.: + 49 89 5390629-0 fax.: + 49 89 5390629-29 which has a domicil Verwaltungs GmbH real estate and real estate businesses in the greater Munich area specialized in. The product portfolio includes only apartments in prime location and high standards of quality. The domicil Verwaltungs GmbH gives residential real estate sales partner, as well as to private individuals.