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Security For Home And Family

Metal doors undergo a process of creating metal alloys which are very similar to the production of safe doors. The differences found in some dissimilar areas of the application and that the entrance of the usual are asked not only considerable burglary rates, but also elegance. Accordingly, pursuant to the doors are complemented by various steps in the form of mounting panels made from larch or inlay forged elements. Also principled metallofurnitura and support elements – from the backlight to function for a pinhole camera. Metal doors are not forbidden to perform as unpolished other materials (simply painted or uncovered varnish), and veneer, finished with laminate flooring, treated with all sorts of panels and so on. For example, capital-metal door in the strict interior of any visibly no way differs from the old, which may found in the ancient manor – and still has stiffness nenizkoy insulation and soundproofing. You can personally verify this, every avenue doors. Entrance doors should generally be not only glib, but also protect the house.

Sami steel doors to break very badly because of the vault is really run. weak areas are locks and boxes in which unscrupulous contractors repeatedly save. Kopek lock can be compromised for some moments, as erroneously set box – stamped with the door (there were cases of fortifications on the door of the metal rope and ‘pulling’ it together with a box ordinary car). That way, it is necessary in due time to think about the safety of his front door, namely, to establish strong locks and to provide special pins on the box, stretching deep into the wall. Most better to think about this at the turn of the design, in a different way then need to perform quite tricky and expensive operation.

Castles, in turn, should be selected carefully. Lever locks on the metal the door actually had never knock out, but they can pick up the key for a fairly short period. Cylinder locks with the opposing party, stand out not weak level of privacy, but yet despite all can be knocked out by a well-aimed shock mount. Such as, for installation of a metal door should think of special safety equipment – and, quite likely, do both types of locks. Only remains to stay on strongly quality locks expensive – is this a smart option. Entrance doors must be insulated that it is necessary, because the inside metal door is filled rottizitovym insulator, providing warmth and comfort in the apartment.

Energy-saving Lamps – How To Choose

Overview of the main characteristics of energy-saving bulbs There are several key characteristics that can distinguish between energy-saving lamps. These characteristics are: type of cap, energy consumption, color temperature, appearance, producer. Energy consumption. As a basis we take the most common power for incandescent lamps: 40, 60, 100, 150 watts. A similar light bulb will emit energy capacity (Reduced 5-fold), respectively: 8, 12, 20 and 30 watts.

Color temperature. For the most part comfortable choice of color temperature depends on the preferences of the person. There are lamps of cold (6400 K), warm (2700 K) and daylight (4200 K) light. What light will be pleasant to the eye a certain person can not be predicted. But it is likely that you will have on the disposition is a warm color, it is recommended to all who are going to buy energy-saving lamps. Therefore, recommended to have energy-saving lamps in the sale of "all colors". Cap.

In Russia, in most cases the three main types of base: E27, E14 and E40. E27 – the most common, is suitable for most cartridges modern lighting fixtures, chandeliers, sconces, etc. E14 – a smaller version, is mainly used in desk lamps of low power. E40 – Production and street option is used where you want more power lamp. Appearance. There are spiral and U-shaped fluorescent lamps. The principal difference is they do not, except that the spiral slightly more expensive due to more complex technological process of manufacture thereof. Producer. Fundamental difference here. If we are to choose, for the life of the lamp, some manufacturers it reaches 20,000 hours. But the price of these lamps suitable. Also, I advise to buy lamps energy production in China. Lamp, imported from China is no different in quality from the European or any other producer countries. But at the same time energy-saving lamps from China is cheaper.

Earl Grey

If your grandfather loves tea without additives, then dwell on the classic varieties. The following list – just some, “most recognized”. But you, of course, can not be limited to: * Chinese black tea Keemun. With a slight taste of wine, and pine. One of the major advantages – a relatively small amount of caffeine. * Indian black tea “Darjeeling.” Tart taste, with a muscat flavor. Interestingly, this tea is still called “the champagne tea.” * Indian black tea “Assam”.

Very deep flavor. By the way, he prefers the Queen of Great Britain. If your grandfather does not refuse to try something new, chose one of the following cases: * Mate. ” Green herbal tea common in South America. Along with him, by the way, we can present a special drinking vessel – kalabas.

* Earl Grey. Flavoured black tea with oil from the rind of the fruit of bergamot. Name of tea is often translates as “Grey (Grey) Earl,” but his real translation – “Earl Grey”. * White tea. Surely, this kind of tea would be “something new” and pleasantly please grandfather. Especially that white tea has a more pronounced healing and tonic properties than green. So, if the tea were determined, it remains to think about how you can make a tea ceremony more enjoyable. First, think about a soft blanket, say, a camel-hair: with him will come comfort and warmth. Secondly, a good idea to make sure that your grandfather was a long robe. Him he can take a sauna or a bath, and is not afraid of cold. Pay attention to the bathrobe inside and mats outside: they look particularly noble. If you want to add to gift more personal nature, it can be, for example, find all your best photos together, buy a nice photo album and under each (!) photo write a few words. It may be known aphorisms, or better yet, your own thoughts and memories of his grandfather. But be sure to leave some pages free – for those photos that you alone have yet to do together! Gift grandfather – not just a difficult choice. It is also possible to unravel the great mystery of your childhood: how his grandfather can not guess your dreams.