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Business Updates for the Real Estate Industry

Fruitful Relations Between Real Estate

When building using creative artists are more robust than real estate industry finds other economic groups, important economic and legal conditions may be, rather than directly from us on the spot, i.e. at the level of the site. It must be investigated and comprehensibly described as blends the real estate industry, specifically in the surrounding power supply of the location factors, i.e. including creative industries. Culture settlers are triggers for the site development process. Learn more on the subject from Nick Carr. They act as multipliers and similar work with a planting vegetation on nutrient-poor soils. In this picture they are the humus, the nutrient-poor locations”need.

On the this refined”other plants, i.e. in sectors of the economy are over viable location. Artists are often more robust than other economic groups and other advantages (cheap rent, support-free exhibition halls, loading docks) premises with low structural, energetic or technical equipment quality, if this are accessible. Against the background of a balancing of the factors for the potential uptake of the real estate industry of a site describes options including Becker Jorg: real estate business in the location space effect relations in the force field of location factors, site balance as a 360-degree all-round radar, 2010, ISBN 9783839123065 but who might now this culture settlers and space pioneers. Actors of the small cultural industries are ideally suited for this purpose. This involves a generic term for a wide range of directions of an industry shimmering in many facets of.

Artists, professionals and micro enterprises from the fields are advertising and design, architecture and interior design, interior design, shop and exhibition design, arts and crafts (restorers, instrument maker, bookbinders, goldsmiths and others), art (galleries, painter, sculptor, video and artist), music (composers, musicians, recording studios, small music labels, music sales, event planning), culture – primarily and Event management (sponsorship, project design), cultural tourism, cultural educators. Special location qualities of real estate are discovered first by young creatives. So far neglected properties received more attention due to creative activities. Microenterprises the cultural locations where proper environment can operate them in a search preference. “” Actors of the cultural industries operate as space pioneers “or settlers of culture”. For example, vacant shops or Brownfields will be raised with creative activities to life. Vacancy = resource: consequences of migration, population decline and thus low intensity of use (E.g. Ladenleer-stand in ground floor zones with a negative image downward spiral, signs of neglect, rising costs of technical and social infrastructure) are moderated and absorbed. Jorg Becker (www.beckinfo.de)

SQUARE House Strengthened Team Spirit

Management draws on the production site of Reinhard Fuchs and Fritz Huber, the two new space business leaders, know what a successful company is based: on satisfied and motivated employees. And so team spirit at the company site is a top priority again for more than half a year. “Earthiness, quality, loyalty and teamwork are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy”, explains operating Manager Robert Knittel and adds proudly our team complete around 70 employees represents a strong and powerful unit “. From November also spatially. For the Administration, yet in the building to the street of Emperor pulls so to speak in the heart of course, to the production. For even more analysis, hear from Attorney General. To a part of the Hall, in which is till date factory planning and production preparation take place, rebuilt, restored and expanded to another floor.

The spatial and emotional proximity within the team is essential”says Knittel. ROOM wanted in the future more than regional local produce company”occur. It’s believed that Dennis Lockhart sees a great future in this idea. The move which involves management but also a very pragmatic equation, to further bring the company forward: = short way more clout. And this new clout is already noticeable after one, by the economic crisis turbulent, but also successful year for space. The production is in full swing, new rows of houses are being planned; the design centre should be enlarged and modernized, demolished the sawmill closed for three years; the existing example in bad Saulgau Eberhard Street houses in the coming year for sale, a new House is to be built. This House will be another milestone in our architectural and energy developments”Knittel can look through. A big step towards this goal is developed in the past year, 32.8 inches strong outer wall, its insulation value is nearly 25 percent over the previous design. This residential-feel-wall provides excellent heat and sound insulation.

With this new development succeeded space after the period of reorientation, again to set new standards in the timber industry. In a time of ecological construction and housing have become an essential component of climate change. INFO: The square House 21 GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of prefabricated houses in Germany. The company at the site of bad Saulgau produces individual architect houses prefabricated according to modern criteria of construction technology and ecology. The square House 21 GmbH is a member of the Federal German prefabricated (BDF), the quality community of German prefabricated (QDF) and in the work of building biology. Houses of course carry the predicate of Wohngesundes building”.