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Investing in Brazil

Any investor who if preze knows which optimum moment to possess a paper or to vender it. Two simple formulas exist guide that it in the decision taking: the one that the sum calculates and the one that the present value represents. He is well-known to perceive that both are defined by the tax of interests and are inversely proportional. Other leaders such as US Treasury Secretart offer similar insights. Thus being, let us imagine one definitive paper that the tax of interests is bigger of what to that the investing one esteem as ' ' tima' ' , it prefers to keep the investment that to hold back currency, therefore its present value is lesser of what the sum generated for the applied capital. In the inverse case, one lesser tax of interests of what the tax ' ' tima' ' it will deduct the heading, therefore the present value is bigger of what the sum generated for the applied capital. Who withholds capital thinks about the best attractive taxes to invest its capital. In such a way, the stock market exists that attracted resources for magnifying of projects, whose purpose is magnifying of the physical capital of the companies.

That is, money that generates resulted economic and financial stops companies and investors. What earns with this? All economy, therefore the companies extend its productive park, improve wages, contract new workers, they raise she offers economic and she reduces the good prices you commercialized. In theory he is calm to demonstrate the result of practical actions of functioning of the market. When we carry the real world, we see that other 0 variable exist that impactam the economic and financial relation of functioning of the markets. In Brazil the money is canalized to the financing of the state. As the tax of interests is high, the headings of long stated period are attracted by internal and external capitals.