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Pay TV

TV in Germany, thanks to the GEZ not free anyway. That may be one reason why, for us, compared to our neighboring countries, pay a little more important. Few viewers are willing to pay again to 10 or 20 a month to watch TV properly. The pay TV offering in Germany is accordingly rather weak. The best-known provider is certainly premiere.

The station has been transformed from a mere supplier of the feature film 80 years to a provider of all lines of business. The viewer can choose yourself, see what issues he would like to pay and then only for those channels. With 10 per booked of scarce channel Premiere allderings is relatively expensive. ArenTV thanks to the broadcasting rights for the Bundesliga last year brought extreme in the public eye. For about 15 per Minute get all the games are offered in the free TV is very aggregated and broadcast it live.

Digital cable offers similar to Home Premiere Channels various topics, but you pay more here about 11 for the entire package. The technical requirements are similar for all sellers. Requires a digital receiver can read the decryption of the card manufacturer. In general, the right hardware can be ordered with the same. The reception is available via satellite or cable with cable in the process usually runs over the cable company. Premiere offers Premiere Flex prepaid offering that includes no contractual obligation. If you want to take a quick So if she can spending on pay TV may not yet do so here without hesitation.