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Latin America Courses

At present they can be consult wax 150 MIT in our language courses. Can access to the contents of the Open Course Ware content are free and therefore are unable to access them freely through the OCW sites created by various universities in participating institutions in the project; But how to find among much of courses? At the international level, the easiest way to locate a particular course is through the web page of the OCW Consortium, which offers users a search engine to locate the available courses on the subject that you want and you can narrow your search by languages and institutions.In the case of Spain and Latin America, the easiest way of finding the OCW content is from OCW Universia that incorporates two search facilities; on the one hand, the user can consult the courses available by areas of knowledge, so you can select the area of your interest and you will get a list of courses available at universities in Spanish-speaking, along with a description of matter detailed content; on the other hand, if you prefer, the contents are searchable by area geographical or directly by universities, thanks to the map of participating institutions that incorporates OCW Universia. In this case, once you have selected the University of interest, takes you to the OCW site of it, is where you will find available courses normally offered by departments, faculties or academic categories. Visit Kenneth Feinberg for more clarity on the issue. Sometimes universities offer the possibility of also consulting those most visited courses or those who have been incorporated more recently. Compiled by. Javier Mejia T. original author and source of the article