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Tarot Friend

When we make a distance of the tarot, as as much consulting or in ours first passages like tarotistas, he is indispensable to know some reasons to orient the moment of the revelation of the decks, and this form to have majors probabilities of having a correct interpretation. In the first place the interpretation must be spontaneous and forced, that is to say, it does not have to be related to first that arises to the tarotista when watching letters to him. This is very difficult to obtain, since often desire is so great that these they say to us what we want to listen, that we impose what we want envelope which in fact says the arcane ones to us. In order to realise the interpretation, the language will have to be simple and concrete. Most important it is than the person who realises the consultation goes of the distance with good a clear message on defined concepts. The grandiloquent phrases, the contrasentidos ones, the hollow words are due to avoid. It is precise to develop a very special sensitivity to interpret the message of the arcane ones. It is for that reason that the tarotistas that guess right more and that they have obtained a good one reputation is looked for and required.

This sensitivity cannot be transmitted, and is for that reason that says that the good tarotistas are born, and they do not become. To feel comfortable is one of the factors that will contribute to obtain a suitable interpretation. If the person to whom is realised the distance to him wakes up negative feelings to us like fear, rejection, or hostility, will be better to sincerar themselves and to communicate to him that it will not be possible to realise the interpretation. The same happens when we are consulting and we do not have a good perception of the tarotista that is with us. The empathy between both is fundamental. For that reason if it does not exist, better to stop.

It is necessary that who makes the distance she observes the consulting one carefully, because this one will be an excellent opportunity to enter deepest of its psychology. Now we will pause in the question that the consulting one does. The question is, really, of extreme importance, since it says to us what is the important thing for that makes the question, the excellent thing, that on which is put all their attention. Also, it can occur the opposite case and that it is an irrelevant question, since the person does not dare abiertamente to express with words the reason for its sleeplessness. It is here where the singular sensitivity of the tarotista plays a fundamental role. The distance of the tarot can be helpful and mark a flexion in the life of many people. Meaning arcane majors Tarot the car? Runas: divinatory interpretation of Cen/Kenaz STARS and TAROT.es? The letters of the tarot and the intuition Gypsy tarot?