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to light of History. Generally it is not an isolated study, therefore aevoluo, historical method – evolutivo, and the comparison, historical method – compared, if make gifts to assist and to give sustentation to the investigatrio process. 2.O archive: the origin and its evolution to longodo time the archive appeared of the necessity that ohomem had to register and to spread out information related to its time, future ageraes, organizing – in accordance with the ouexistentes possible techniques at its time. In the prehistoric period, the man primitivodescobriu and dominated the fire, the metals as: the copper I tin, it, that tardefundidos they had given origin to bronze. If the human being had not discovered edifundido these innovations, will be that we would obtain to survive without the fire? Or we talvezestivssemos joined metals? Elements that today are of extremaimportncia for humanity, remembering that the same ones had passed for diversasevolues to be useful for the men contemporaries. In prehistoric period, the homemprimitivo registered its daily through paintings and done drawings emparedes of grottos and caves.

As it had not written at the time, this resquciosso considered evidential that the man already existed at the time, also to podemoschamar these registers of rupestre art. According to Seriacopi (2005, p.16) ' ' the arterupestre is one of the most beautiful important vestiges left for the groups daily pay – historical. Found in the grotto walls and caves, in general apresentavapessoas, animals and scenes of huntings and danas' '. Analyzing this concept of arterupestre and what already we understand on the thematic one, we can affirm that homempr – historical already it was worried in registering its daily one and spreading informaessobre the culture of its time for the future generations? Estasrelacionadas information to its people, the animals, the hunting and the dance, remembering that algunsdestes customs already had been extinct the thousand of years or had fallen in disuse.