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To make its choices. Choice you what she desires for its life, either also honest with same you and know that she will be responsible for the choice that to make. If it will not be capable to assume the loving life without the shade of the parents, will be that you will obtain to be happy to the side of it? See I you to suffer very. If he does not leave to imprison for the fear to breach and to start of new, or for the fear to dislike it. One is about its life and you he must search the happiness. Either friend, talks sufficiently, supports its husband in this process of emotional release of the parents, but if she does not delude. To the measure that the parents of it to perceive this to act to pay or to want to buy the love of them. It is important to leave clearly that love and attention are not and nor they must be demonstrated by material things.

It is not for the value that a gift if becomes significant for us. The marriage needs harmony, love, respect, confidence, admiration. If vocs they will not be able to construct a healthful relation, of love and complicity, which> giving gifts without you know, if exists a parallel agreement, me seems healthful little. Imposing its limits lovingly, but with firmness, you it will be showing who not accepted to be raised as the plain one, without no power of decision. He observes as the conflicts if they develop, reveals open and receptive to the dialogue and to understand its points of view, but if he does not leave to delude. If the relationship with the man who you love does not bring happiness you, will be that valley the penalty to insist on the relation? If it does not precipitate, it thinks sufficiently above all, it talks with honesty and clarity with it, but it knows that if you not to love itself, in first place, could not be happy with nobody. I wait to have helped it, simply understanding all the told situation. You must yes say everything she bothers what you and speak openly with its husband.

But for its story, very well described, detailed, I see that it is a colloquy that already occurred some times. You me> throughout years was a series of not coincidences that had culminated in a pretty history of love. confess I you, that I was touched myself when reading it. I wait, that the parents of its husband, if relieve to this love in detriment to interests and vanities> proper. What more the parents would have to prezar seno for the happiness of its children?