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Managing Director

It is gathered together is the impassable wall that we crashed, quite often, when we try to talk to someone and can’t because he is meeting. Today we will not make reference to those occasions in which heads of offices, as well as assistants and advisers are defended by their Secretaries or Secretaries with a simple is meeting. Only talk about the times in which is meeting really. Our team meetings are a calamity. I’m lost, I don’t know how to improve them. According to Dennis Lockhart, who has experience with these questions.

We are all good professionals individually, however, when we met, we only got to lose time. We spent hours together and we do not reach agreements, on the one hand we don’t communicate with equity, on the other hand deconcentration plans constantly on all of us. I confessed recently the Managing Director of a large organization. Proudfoot Consulting conducted a survey in 235 companies around the world, about the exploitation of the meetings, and found that only 41% was preparing a schedule of the 38% fulfilled meeting before carrying it out, of these only, and of these, only 13% revised Treaty at the end of the meeting. Anchin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. For which such meeting unproductive?. It is clear that the meetings are necessary, since they constitute the most popular worldwide organizational internal communication instrument. In addition to be valued by facilitating the contact face to face, which contributes to cohesive work team, they are very useful for deciding, prior debate, on issues that have relative importance; they are also necessary to lay down criteria, put in common aspects and share opinions. Well planned and targeted, lead us to create links and synergies between each and every one of the members of the Organization, since the participation of each of them, can only be done effectively through tools and instruments afinadamente designed for this purpose. See the faces can come in handy, but it cannot be the aim of the meetings.


However much of the meetings that are they celebrate, they are not as effective as it would be desirable, and often because they are not well organized, or conveniently prepared by the Coordinator or head of the team, or simply summon without a compelling reason justifying that the meeting is carried out. When this happens, the meetings end up becoming a waste of time, when not in a hideout of the work expected on the other side of the boardroom door. And, although most imperceptibly, hurts the professionalism of every one of the members of the team, coming out of the meeting by asking: and for this we meet?. Beyond: the meeting will lose its symbolic power, from being an instrument of work, to casual small groups or cenacles of comrades. If we had in mind, which reunited implies set an agenda, with time notify the persons who should participate in it, requiring them some level of demand in the knowledge of the topics to be treated, and establish and comply (without justifications for the) tardiness) time of start and end of it, would increase the level of efficiency of the meetings, and accordingly the organizational effectiveness. Marathon meetings is to make unproductive meetings. It is a reality that much of the meetings fail because people come to them later, and on many occasions, without interest.

On the other hand, is responsibility of the Coordinator or team leader, avoid the meeting becomes a shootout of personal attacks, and facilitate the participation of all members, avoiding monopolizaciones of arguments or exposure times, using if necessary the authority conferred upon it by its range. It is likewise responsible for that meeting do not leave the objectives for which was convened, and derive a mere conversation without conclusions. Needless to say, the conclusions of a meeting, as well as the decisions taken, must be reflected in a report of meeting, to be fulfilled. The pity is, that be great tools, meetings can become the thing that more time makes you lose in a career: meetings tedious, unnecessary, useless and culpogenas, already very often become the ideal instrument for blame and bring out our enemy in the organization.

Dog Training

The arrival of a new puppy is a little while exciting for any home. That ball of small down and peluche would immediately send the center of attention of all the family. In just a short time, nevertheless, it is made very clearly that the arrival of the new puppy can cause to him much that to do, and still more for him/she because must much learn.The training of perritodebe to be above of the list of priorities. Its puppy this totally following you to help it to become accustomed themselves and to adapt in our human world, domesticated. Its direction and leadership the life will determine the way that takes and in what type of dog will become. During puppy the main paper plays and are responsible to give form to the character habits, temperament and behavior that their dog take all their life. Its future puppy is in its hands LIKE TRAINING a SMALL DOG It is not all diversion and games as some proprietors create. The small creature is a poop machine that bites, barks, she digs, and much more! But it loves still them anyway – only we must give them to a certain direction and limits to follow.

If you are like I it is probable that they want that its puppy has the best possible beginning in the life, and also to prosper like adult dogs. The early socialization and the training of the small dog puppy are the keys of their success like an owner of dog. To bring a puppy in its lives is a great responsibility and commitment that they must fulfill. Our puppies have one long list of requirements and terms that must be fulfilled for their well-being and the longevity. Tasks like training of the house of the small dog, training of the drawer, the socialization of the small dog, strap of training and basic obedience is necessary to approach from the beginning.