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Theological Seminary

With the diverse daily tasks, the women reserve schedule in manicure, schedule to make the lunch, to go to the supermarket, to make concernentes works to the college or to the secular work, reserves schedule in the medical doctor’s office will be necessary and until they reserve the moment to go to the church, but they do not separate a moment to speak with Mr. This moment of conjunct can at any time be: dawn, night, during the day, but needs to exist! Let us see that the Christian woman must be different, therefore is new creature. It needs to organize itself in diverse sectors of its life. She is necessary, also, to search Mr. the capacity of if organizing. A Shepherd imagines that it does not obtain to organize itself. It marks a visit and it does not appear; It is forgotten to carry through a cult in one another church and when if it remembers, it arrives behind, giving excuses (sin) or same truily justifying the reason of the delay; It accepted invitation to be collaborating in a board of monograph of a Theological Seminary, but it did not obtain to previously read the evaluated text. Lack disciplines, lacks organization.

To organize itself, it is necessary decision! The purchase of an agenda associated with the habit to use it, will give to the Christian woman the possibility to carry through much more, in the definitive time. Thus more time for the family and the workmanship of God will sobrar. To the times I hear people to say that they would like to read the Bible all, but that they find the reading plans unnecessary. They make such revelation, lamenting for not obtaining to make this reading individually. Others creem that to be methodical excessively he is very laborious and does not produce fruits. Laborious, yes, but excellent results can be reached.