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The Individuals

However, the truth is that the people want advantages, if these advantages are not preconceived in the original position, the established principles would not give to account of the complex net of relations or desires that would emanate of the people. Perhaps in a society pacata, where the relations are simplrias and the hierarchies did not excite discomfort very, these principles could operate without exaggerations, but in a linked society to another one for the globalization and the capitalism, where what valley is the competition and liberalism (the free access to the ascension, the advantage by means of the exploratrios profits) they would not enter. The veil of the ignorance will not after be kept the constitution of the contract and the requirements of the capitalist model would not go to support to accept the principles. For if dealing with the base of all the subsequent slight knowledge of what it is just and of what is unjust, the principles defended and respected in the contract alone could regulate of any clutter case free if annulled to all the previous contingencies to the functional initiation of the institution. The history of other civilizations would have to be olvidada, the diplomatical relations with other foreign institutions prevented by the reason of them to despertarem in the individuals, guided for the two principles, other distinct slight knowledge of justice of that they are motivated. The basic problem of the original position and of what of it results (independent principles of the personal will) it is the support uncertainty. It is certain that the involved ones are unaware of any external contingency, but in the measure where the individuals go constructing to its half itself same, the two principles would not have apodictical authority to explain definitive occasions of profits and losses. Perhaps, for the reason of them to have been primordially most reasonable and did not have other expectations of analysis of what it is or not just, they would support minimum adversities that would affect by no means them.