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USA Life

Reason because those that chance has to dialogue with somebody in doubt, will have to make it, so that in this dialogue the light can appear of the agreement. Master, You make that I look more? To console, that to be consoled; The figure of God if makes gift, in requests of that in my life? it has a behavior to think more about the next one to what to exactly think more than self-centered way about me. Because I will only be able to console when in reality it will be able to understand to the necessity and the pain of my brother. It attempts against for the idea contained in ‘ ‘ to console that to be consolado’ ‘ – to become consolation object, to feel ‘ ‘ coitado’ ‘ – white of consolation and aid of third. This cannot be good, the measure of that we pass leaving to invade in them therefore, we become dependents and we pass in them to become pariah of the society and frankly he was not for that we gain dom of the life. to understand, that to be understood; to love, that to be loved. In the same line? to get rid itself of this unhealthy form of if seeing as a center of everything and all when we will only be able to receive what we are apt to distribute? it believes this law, is not one figurinha unnecessary? A man becomes, using to the universal laws its favor. Loving and the construction of the loved object, with certainty, will give many shares to it.

Therefore, it is giving that it is received? This is the law. It does not contest the USA in its inteireza and maguinificincia. it is pardoning that it has been pardoned? a universal law that also functions in the body spiritual and the feelings. is dying that it is lived for the perpetual life. thus, San Francisco de Assim assured its immortality, and it recommends to it to reach its through this way. A way of simple, cheap and highly efficient life. A final word. Nobody, nor I not even Francisco de Assis, will be able to change its life, for more messages and words that if can say, this constitutes a truth.

But if it can add new ideas? in the hope that you can assume as one behavior its and decide then to apply in its life. Gives attention to a thing, the fact of a message to say something to it deep? it does not assure, by itself, the change of its future behavior, is necessary and basic that you decide to follow the way, with its proper legs? to follow the way of the deepening with search of if auto to construct now following other teachings that you yourselves it discovers. This search of new routes and new knowledge is what it truily constitutes the reached objective if? this objective is personal never? it could be fixed by third? plus this it is that the gostoso, because thus, will create new emotions and new perspectives of one another life, in one another way of living, its life. Apolinario de Araujo Albuquerque River, 01 May 2010.

Later Pablo

The proper Church Catholic (the others also) seaproveitou of made velvety or permissive environments where the subject geralmente led to die, to hide culprits or to even prorogue mandates, trusting noesquecimento and the depravation of the time. Recently until a cardinal ligadoao Pope arrived to make a declaration at least influenced by the fear clericalde to lose the financial control of the Church, being preferred to keep this all the cost, what serious cause queerness, a time that, in the deep one, is an exchange of santidadepelo money. It doubly errou when saying that ' ' the celibacy does not have relaocom the sexual abuses of minors cometidospor padres' '. It will be? Errou doubly because the Church if says established nBblia, and this points the marriage (ally to the allegiance) as one of the forms dese to prevent depravation/promiscuity of the world. The New Will arrives dizerque ' ' honored either the marriage and bendito of all either the stream bed without mcula' ' (Hb13,4), meaning the bed where the spouses make love and procreate.

Apstolofaz two declarations in this direction that speak for itself. A time it said that ' ' obispo all man either husband of one only mulher' ' (I Tm 3,2) to give bomtestemunho to the community for which candle spiritual. If this valley for osleigos, what not to say for the clergy? Later Pablo it arrives to say that fundamental that the married couple if does not unglue one alone time one of the other, for (they see well) not suffering temptations from extramarital sex (I Co 7,5). Istobasta. Therefore, if common men suffer daily temptations, exactly in environments ' ' puros' ' how of old, what not to say of the ambienteserotizados ones of After-modernity? if I or you is attemped, without sermosclero, why devils the tempting one would not launch bigger temptations still for oclero? Who is the proper clergy recognizes that, as well as Jesus he was very maisalvo of the seductions of the hell, the priests obviously it will be that osleigos (the majority already do not deliver of body and soul ' ' to the delights of carne' '). With effect, the declarations of the Cardinal Walter Casper (and the Vatican, for extension) are completely baseless and frivolous, and put aprpria at risk Church, if it is that for the S Saint the risks dangerous somenos spirituals of what the financiers! A world of depraved priests has to queser and will be always very worse of what a world WITHOUT church! (by the way, without a igrejapapal): this would have to be clerical consensus. Finally, the arguments in favor of celibatoOBRIGATRIO if melt as butter to the fire when we remember in them demaisigrejas Christian, including the Anglicana and others even of confession catholic, emque the priests can marry normally. still is in air terrible estranhezaque if it would translate thus: if Rome knows that the obligator celibacy puts a fardomuito heavy on the back of the priests (some of them in the flower of the age and formosos, as the priest Fbio de Melo) and leaves a devilish breach for the temptation dapromiscuidade, what after all it would be for backwards of this lapsed and atbiblicamente questionable norm? Forgot itself Rome that the first Pope (They are Peter, according to it) was married? Why soon Peter can and the others not? Prof. Brave Joo of Miranda.)

Theological Seminary

With the diverse daily tasks, the women reserve schedule in manicure, schedule to make the lunch, to go to the supermarket, to make concernentes works to the college or to the secular work, reserves schedule in the medical doctor’s office will be necessary and until they reserve the moment to go to the church, but they do not separate a moment to speak with Mr. This moment of conjunct can at any time be: dawn, night, during the day, but needs to exist! Let us see that the Christian woman must be different, therefore is new creature. It needs to organize itself in diverse sectors of its life. She is necessary, also, to search Mr. the capacity of if organizing. A Shepherd imagines that it does not obtain to organize itself. It marks a visit and it does not appear; It is forgotten to carry through a cult in one another church and when if it remembers, it arrives behind, giving excuses (sin) or same truily justifying the reason of the delay; It accepted invitation to be collaborating in a board of monograph of a Theological Seminary, but it did not obtain to previously read the evaluated text. Lack disciplines, lacks organization.

To organize itself, it is necessary decision! The purchase of an agenda associated with the habit to use it, will give to the Christian woman the possibility to carry through much more, in the definitive time. Thus more time for the family and the workmanship of God will sobrar. To the times I hear people to say that they would like to read the Bible all, but that they find the reading plans unnecessary. They make such revelation, lamenting for not obtaining to make this reading individually. Others creem that to be methodical excessively he is very laborious and does not produce fruits. Laborious, yes, but excellent results can be reached.