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Atocha Train

Madrid did not have railway station until the opening of Atocha in 1851 by the Madrid Zaragoza Alicante railway company, although its original name was station from noon. Little is left in the current station of Atocha original station elements since a few years after her putting up much of it was destroyed by fire. In 1888 he returned to renewed with Alberto Martin Palacio Elissague design in collaboration with Gustave Eiffel, who gave the station a greater Vault made in wrought iron. In 1985 the Atocha station receives a major reform with a view to the future that makes a different station of Atocha. Erin Callan: the source for more info. Opted to retain the vault and use as roof to convert the large interior space in a great place of step, walks and relaxation decorated with a tropical garden, restaurants and shops, transferring railway terminus a few meters, taking advantage to equip it with the necessary means to accommodate the new high-speed lines (AVE) that since 1992 depart from Atocha. Also visit Atocha is easy as a tourist in Madrid, since the station is located in the heart of the capital Spanish, which allows for near all kinds of services. When accessing a web of booking hotels in order to make a reservation at one of the hundreds of Madrid, accommodations, can be to have an account a zone as Atocha that in addition to the large station has the beginnings of the Paseo del Prado and the Park of the buen retiro a few metres away. Sometimes visitors you can escape us details of great beauty if we aren’t open to what can hide anywhere and is that what many times is considered just a place to catch a train can be one of the best places for a nice walk with an air of history..

The Tula Region

Pleasant tendentsiya improve servisa SERVICING our gostinitsah observed not only in the hotels of our capital cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, and of course, Sochi (this city is now referred to as the capital of the South), but also in other cities our vast country. It is no longer running cockroaches, arranging their own running races with obstacles in the form of sneakers, newspapers or anything else that comes to hand. Staff was courteous and polite, conforming to European standards. Yes, and quality repair, done with a maximum one year ago, but not in the first century BC.

Everything is changing, and what is the most joyful, the better. All the fashionable trends have come and the city arms, samovars and gingerbread. Speech is, of course, the hero-city of Tula. The city that gave birth to our country, Tolstoy, Zhukovsky, innocence, and many others. Beautiful nature, historical monuments and world renowned Clear Glade. Tula hotels offer excellent quality service and pleased with their conditions, even the most sophisticated traveler. Development of the city and its proximity to Moscow provide hospitality many customers.

In this regard, any hotel tries "Be armed with" all business meetings. Clients are given the opportunity to organize and conduct business in a conference room equipped with necessary equipment: video projector, screen, multimedia, Wi Fi. Well and, of course, do not forget about the rest. And in this area of our hotels have made a big step forward. Every large hotel in the Thule can offer its customers to visit your restaurant with unique cuisine, but at this improving the service does not stop. Too many companies develop into hotel complexes, in which a list of services is huge. In addition to hotel services, restaurant, leisure available opportunity to visit the SPA-salons and beauty parlors, saunas and a large swimming pool, solarium, herbal and sports bar. Opportunity to order a sightseeing tour, providing a guide, parking longer seem so routine services that sharpen attention to them there's no need. The most popular suburban hotel in Tula, distinctive feature is the clean air, beautiful nature and silence. Evening retreat away from the hustle of the city is always at a premium. But this does not mean that from suburban hotels need long to get to the venue or explore the city. The practice shows that the suburbs soon Getting to the desired part of Tula, than from the center, bypassing all the traffic jams.