Straighten out the wrinkles faster than the sagging tissue. Alignment of an oval face only after the fourth procedure, as in 3-6 months. Contraindications: 1. The presence of pacemaker Heart 2. Severe violation of the integrity of the skin. 3.

Inflammatory and pustular skin diseases in the acute period. 4. Neoplasms. 5. Pregnancy.

6. Lactation. How is the procedure? The procedure of radiofrequency facelift (or RF-therapy) is carried out simply enough. It can perform aesthetists beautician, because management apparatus is performed using the touch panel. Developers devices offer four standard programs Depending on the problem (cellulite, rejuvenation, local fat deposits) and a free program (for cosmetologist with experience). Radio-frequency method for strengthening the party. Before the procedure is necessary to clean the surface (Make-up remover). If the skin is very sensitive, you can use a local anesthetic – 5% Emla cream for 15-20 minutes under the film. Anesthesia allows you to work on high power and therefore get the best effect. Then, on the face applied tonkoprovodyaschy gel. The return electrode tonkoprovodyaschim smeared with gel and put on the back of the client. The working electrode is set on a certain part of the person, then include the apparatus, gradually and smoothly increasing capacity. Capacity installed by the customer feels. He must feel the heat from maniples. The skin is heated to 40 degrees, does not result in coagulation of protein. The penetration depth of 2-3 mm. Duration procedure up to 1 hour 15 minutes. Course of 5 treatments in 7 days. People over age 50 can be made supporting the exchange rate of 1 every year. Effect of prolonged and maintained for 2-3 years. Sagging tissues well podtyagivaeitsya after 8 treatments. After procedures within 30 minutes the skin retains a pink color. The client get the feeling of lifting. Some clients refuse to use moisturizers and masks. Procedure can be performed on separate zones: periorbital area, neck area and chin – 1.2 procedure. RF-lifting procedure can be combined with any beauty treatments: massage, masks, chemical peels and laser resurfacing. After the procedure, you can sunbathe, swimming, etc., ie lead a normal life. Similar procedures are carried out in the care of the body. With this technique, you can strengthen your skin in the buttocks, abdomen, back of the torso. Course of 10 treatments 1 every 7 days. When carrying out procedures were not observed any side effects. Results of clinical observations. During the procedure showed improvement of complexion, reducing puffiness around the eyes, wrinkles and folds. Nicholas Carr: the source for more info. Depending on the age and condition of the client’s skin effect may be noticeable after the first treatment or after the course. Many customers say that skin is more elastic and thus refuse to use moisturizers. In the age group 50 years we have increased the rate to 10 procedures. In this case, the effect of one procedure to the rising.