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Only A Miracle !

This story follows a tragic situation, lived in the early days of June 1989 and are recorded in the history No. 191 487 National Hospital “Almanzor Aguinaga Asenjo” EsSalud of Chiclayo. The Shock Around 9 pm on Sunday 04 June l998 in the North American Km.689 of the VW driving toward Chicago where he worked as a gynecologist was infractions by a jeep driven by drunks and drug addicts. The rescue was caught in between braces twisted, with the board and rudder embedded in my abdomen, with the windscreen smashed in my face, the lights went out, the cries grew everywhere, then everything was silent, not lost consciousness and began to scream. My children! , my daughters, I saw nothing, a sharp pain throughout my body shaking, the rudder pressure suffocating me, looked like blood leaking from my broken femur, I knew I could die in minutes, I closed my eyes and opted for the easier: let me shock hJpovolemlco lead to death, but the cries of my courage returned Karinita me Daddy, Daddy!, “she cried It hurts so much, I replied, and gave value to my voice and off, and suddenly several cars parked around accident and three people gave vent their solidarity and their misery, while some others came to help the WV looted, were stolen briefcases, money and gifts that my Natalie had received that day. For serving his first saw indigo..