SMELLS rule the world (Notes dentist – sick gums, bad breath) Why do not got a career, and you can not find an approach to people. Why do you have few friends, in spite of your skills. Why close relatives and are experiencing discomfort and nervousness in communicating with you. Why are you being visually appealing, and spending much time and money to maintain a presentable appearance, you can not force a relationship with a girl. After all, it is limited only polite to anything not in possession of dating. Your success with women is realized only after parties, corporate events 2-3 times a semester. Why is your neighbor on his bed in the dorm room he prepared him for individual dishes meal, and you with mockery and sarcasm about that in my soul accusing him of excessive cleanliness. Above all you bother constant salty taste in your mouth and always hanging out chewing gum in the same place, the constant contemplation blood in saliva when brushing teeth and spitting.

Eventually, realizing this, your speech becomes compressed, you crumple words, turn away, and removed from distantsiruetes interlocutor in conversation. Can be a long time comprehend and summarize the reasons for your life failures and small invincible and think, maybe I'm unsympathetic, but worse, a loser. And the reason may lie only on the surface and it is commonplace. After all, our behavior and emotions rule smells. Even the ancient Incas paid this much attention, trying to create an elixir for the nose of the natural components.