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QUISMA Doubled The Conversion Rate At Marc O Polo

The Swedish clothing company had tasked the international performance network, permanently to optimize the traffic on the landing pages of the online shop. Munich, December 09, 2013 – targeted testing can have a huge impact on the success of a Web site relaunches. This is confirmed in a current case study for Marc O’Polo QUISMA Polo. The Swedish clothing company had tasked the international performance network, permanently to optimize the traffic on the landing pages of the online shop. The result: The premium modern casual brand increased the conversion rate after the redesign of the online shop to 99.61 percent. Almost 64 percent on the product detail page, the rest on the home page.

In the course of the redesign of the online shop, QUISMA had analysed the acceptance of different variants of Web pages through targeted testing. Peter Schiff has firm opinions on the matter. It identified the start and the product detail page as the strongest entry pages and were therefore on the following test phases in the focus. The testing was designed as a gradual process of optimization. So could direct conclusions for the next test phase be drawn and implemented accordingly. The four successive test phases consisted of 23 different variants of the home. Different technical and Visual reorganizations such as E.g.

the additional integration of new products resulted in the desired uplift of in conversion rate. After the QUISMA experts took the product detail page under the microscope: after multiple test passes and a higher positioned call-to-action button the preset goal of optimization, the increase of sales, could finally be achieved. Alexander Lechner, head of eCommerce Marc O’Polo: we want to offer our customers always a quality shopping experience. The holistic approach and the creative proposals for the testing QUISMA proved for us an ideal partner. The technical know-how and the Exchange at eye level are a major reason for our common success.”the collaboration with Marc O’Polo Polo has shown that through consistent testing the conversion rate Julian Stein, team lead conversion optimization at QUISMA significantly can be increased”, complements. In addition gained useful insights about visitor behavior on the site. Are, that when you offer communication, a clear distinction between men is proved to be valuable and women in two separate teasers on the home page led to more relevant and finally to a significantly improved conversion.” The Case study Marc O’Polo Polo under free download is available. About QUISMA of the full service provider QUISMA (www.quisma.com), innovative technology and in-depth expertise for the entire range of digital marketing from search engine advertising and search engine optimization on affiliate marketing and performance-based banner advertising offers to conversion optimization and marketing intelligence. And the transnational. The Agency has been established in 2001 and incorporated in March 2007 at the GroupM (MEC, mindshare, Mediacom, MAXUS). At the headquarters in Munich and other 18 Locations in 16 countries are currently employs about 320 employees, the renowned clients such as Adobe, Bank of Scotland, Expedia, Marc O’Polo Polo or unity media nationally and cross-border care. QUISMA stands for networking to the classic media planning in the context of an integrated management approach and outstanding expertise to the care in the international digital business.

Office Database

Companies, biometric systems and Control access many companies have found in biometric systems, a very useful tool. Thanks to the use of this technology, which enables to identify people by their physical qualities, a large number of businesses have been able to at Bay employees. As a consequence, deleted the frauds in which an employee had the assistance of a colleague who was not present. In addition, the use of biometric systems, access control, prevents people outside the company from entering it. Biometric systems aims to avoid the presence of unwanted persons. In this way, a reader of fingerprints, at the entrance to a building, can ensure that only persons registered in a database, may enter these facilities. This kind of access control is very common in State organizations, institutions of surveillance and control and in Office buildings. However, its use is also real in some schools, gyms and even in elevators.

To put to operate a biometric system requires that persons who have access, provide a biometric sample. In the case of a fingerprint scanner, the sample is taken from the index finger or thumb. To do this, users must press, firmly and for a few seconds your fingers on a plate reader. When the system has taken the footprint, identifies the salient points of this and creates a number sequence that will identify each user, which is stored in a database. After this comes the validation process, which takes the user to place their finger on the reader Board, the system compares this sample with the database and will give you free rein to that user. In the case of eye scanners, the procedure is similar.

The user looks at a reader, for a couple of seconds and the system keeps the image of their iris or retina, to be then collated in the validation process. When the person scanned is in the database, this can make your income, for which a door opens with lock biometric or releases a turnstile. As you can see access control, biometric systems, it operates independently, what is not required of staff at access points. All this makes biometrics a great option for companies that want to decrease costs and increase your productivity. Source: Press release sent by shane.

High Speed Marketing

Crisis-proven Advisor now many companies are still in the bookstore in the worst economic crisis of in decades. Attorney General recognizes the significance of this. Although the capacity could suit almost all now and jobs with new and existing customers are but what is urgently lacking drastically reduce costs. To win these are unstructured\”liberation strokes, which usually quickly have been collected during a brainstorming session, unhelpful. Usually the conceptual alignment is missing them and too little account is taken also the uniqueness of the company. Companies that want to press against the crisis and looking additional impetus for its growth, need a crisis-proven instructions for long-term success. This should show up systematically which measures have already proven themselves in the current crisis, and how companies can promptly implement these measures\”, so the author and growth specialist Christian Kalkbrenner from Lindau. High-speed-marketing: The way to new jobs in a short time as possible.

new customer groups to open up? How can companies come new with existing customers in the business? How can networking be made to get new jobs? How can it be brought weeks on the way in 3-4? The answer provides high speed-marketing, the new book by Kalkbrenner. The subtitle is program in 7 days to a resounding market concept. Seven selected marketing recipe explains how companies can recognize their short-term usable potential and actively to obtain new orders. More than 90 samples from over 30 industries make the book entertaining, vivid and interesting for business links, marketing and Vertriebsverantwortliche. Also the reader on the case study of Aquila GmbH can repeatedly produce the practical relevance and so step by step puts into the location, also his own company within 7 days for a beating by market concept on the legs. Already on the 8th day, the implementation can then begin. Speed marketing a crisis-tested Advisor what the book unusually does, are described recommendations all on suitability of crisis is, were checked.

Veiled Commission

Current search engine lets you find information on bank products such as the contribution Plastic and credit cards, safe deposit box, money order, OFBU. We are working on creating a single unique to our country database on remittances. Also, contact us for advice person can also get information on the bank (address, opening hours, services, details), its offices, exchange offices and ATM’s. In this case, the aid should be free, and the information provided meet the requirements of fairness, accessibility, relevance and credibility. In this regard, the partners will be required some effort to provide and update information needed for placement in the database data. The reason for such requirements is one of the principles of “B-GOLD” – to work only with the official information and not to take it from open sources that often contain outdated or outright advertising, which does not allow an objective assessment of a particular service. The company’s consultants’ B-GOLD “willing to talk about features or products provided the highlight in simple terms, as well as draw attention to the amount expenditure on a particular product.

Veiled Commission and incorrect rates, in particular, loans are disappearing, and many banks have to learn to play the market openly and honestly. Those who began to implement tactics of such a relationship right now, in the near future will be more confident and effective work in this area. Attracting clients through fraud or concealment of conditions of a particular product can only produce disposable income, and the client in this case will forever lose the desire to apply to any financial and banking institution, and certainly would not recommend this service to bank or friends.


Our manufacturing process mouse pads will solve virtually any design or advertising problem. As a basis we use microporous rubber thickness of 2 or 4 mm, with the effect of sticking to the table. Applied to the other side needed an image that is covered by a transparent plasticized material. In addition, as a basis for We use plastic mat thickness of 300 microns, as a rule, this material is used for promotional mat class, which are sent in large quantities. Thus, when working with a company RPK PRStyle, may bring in the rubber and plastic any fantasy. Create an original form will help you to our designers.

A print on mouse pad can be any full color image. As a rule, all mats are made of rubber, but its quality varies. The thickness of the mat can be from 300 mm to 6 mm, but in practice it is too thick mats are not ergonomic. The average lifetime of a mouse pad pro is 8-10 months., An ordinary user – more than a year. Period lives of Chinese artefacts did not exceed 3 months. To order a mat with your own design, the layout should be sent, and if they meet the requirements of the next day you can pick up the first edition.

How to make a rug memorable and more effective advertising? The main condition for the manufacture of promotional mats – match all the elements (type, shape, color and image) the concept of the current advertising campaign or a general marketing strategy. Mouse Pad – only one element of marketing communications company with customers and partners. Therefore, the design and the advertising message must support the communication of others channels. In addition to quality there are a few things to consider when creating rugs: It is important to make a useful, stylish, beautiful, bright and non-standard. The main thing to remember key points in their marketing Communications and preferences of your target audience. Useful. Best suited for companies that deal with current office problems. The most obvious example – placing on the mat with the logo of the calendar. Simply, it is useful and works. There is a chance that this will disappear from the table, paper calendars competitors as mat is much more functional. But you can go ahead and tie the usefulness of a mouse pad to their product. For example, a company that sells oil or coffee, can modify the idea to the calendar and place it on the mat product parameters (calories, fat, etc.). The Bank may please their customers telephone mini-guide, the health club – a table caloric staple food, and auditing firm – the cables are difficult to remember. Stylish and beautiful. This option is relevant for companies offering beauty: designers, fashion retailers, etc. I think they do not need advice how to make stylish and beautiful little thing. Bright and non-standard. Perhaps even provocative. This may be a form of carpet (in the form of CD ROM for online store) and image (cans of beer for the brewery). Frightening to think what may come to fancy otvyaznoy sex shop …

Fair Advertising Create Sustainable Value Of Memory

The success of mass advertising is often underestimated at a fair in three steps to long-term advertising success with promotional items. Through the use of the promotional item is creates not only a consistent corporate image, but also a sustainable fair allows, stand out of the own stand out from the crowd of competitors. Just for the follow-up phase, the sustainable memory of the trade fair appearance is important because concrete sales of products and services in over 90% of cases only happens after the trade fair. According to messestand.de statistics, 7% of the visitors with a specific intent to purchase come just about to the fair. The majority of visitors comes with a desire there to discover new trends and receive a general market orientation and to educate themselves. Interested parties ultimately to make buyers, a near-depleted memory value must be established already during the trade fair visit, after the end of the mass, which preserves the memory of the booth and the company and in the bid phase also leaves a positive impression. Advertising can help to maintain this positive memory value even after the fair. The exhibition stand design and stand concept also crucial is natural, yet help the little give aways through constant advertising contact again the memory on the stand and connected to the company and the brand to maintain when all important factors were taken into account.

The first important criterion is the relevance to the target audience. Depending on the visitor structure also fancy advertising media such as the Laptopmat or the BrandCharger, but also textiles, and even candy can be used alongside the classics such as key fobs or ballpoint pen. The relevance is determined also the benefits. All advertising should comply with a benefit, to ensure a long-term and permanent use. The sustainability of the trade fair presence is encouraged enormously, because the advertising contact with the brand and the company is always renewed.

As a second rule to a successful With the promotional materials to support Visitor Center, is adapting to the exhibition stand design. The advertising must fit not only the audience, but also the company. At the same time, the design of advertising material with the exhibition stand design must be coordinated. Just a simple stand, the companies and the advertising can be connect. A consistent look and feel makes it the customer enormous, to keep the company in mind. To differ not only from the mass of competitors, but also of their advertising, news should be used under the advertising materials. This classic advertising could be equipped with innovative elements, such as USB flash drives. Advertising gadgets are the latest trend, supported technical devices which have a high value. The innovative function such as cooling laptop Mats without electricity are currently very popular. The appropriate advertising materials for your trade fair presentation is available at the platform messestand.de. messestand.de is the platform for the mobile exhibit, wide range of service offers not only the mobile fair systems, but all around the fair. Through the connection to the brand name LA CONCEPT, one of the biggest German promotional dealers, suitable advertising material will be presented on the platform. All other information, see international trade fair for advertising /.

Flower Exhibitions

For all visitors during three days of the event, were presented David Austin Roses Garden Centre staff "Taviya." There have also been Orchids are upscale class A1 of the company OrhidsArt (Kiev). No one was denied, in consultation with experts in the care of these flowers, as well as learn to distinguish the quality of the flowers. Because a quality for use of flower production is directly related aesthetic condition of the person that plays an important role in the recent past. Among the latest trends at the show and a new trend in Ukraine – "phytodesign." Many have heard the word, but that behind this concept, which penetrated to the Ukraine not so long ago could see the visitors' KVTI Ukraine 2010 ". And most importantly to see what opportunities hides this kind of floral arrangement.

Particularly memorable had a studio phyto "Flower fern" among the multitude of tracks presented extensive wall paintings of flowers with a system of make-up colors, which allows "live" picture of a very long time. In 2010, the first time in a Exhibition "KVTI Ukraine 2010" held a press conference: "The latest achievements of Dnepropetrovsk region IN Floriculture and LANDSCAPE INDUSTRY." Speakers Press – Speakers: Yury Kireev A. – Manager of the Exhibition Company "Attis-C" (Dnepropetrovsk) – project coordinator "KVTI Ukraine", which highlighted the highlights of the exhibition "Kvti Ukraine 2010" exhibition and role in creating a positive image of the city Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine, Svetlana Volkova – Director of the garden center, "Primrose" (Dnepropetrovsk), a member of the Guild of Landscape and Entrepreneurs of Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk region. Which outlined the progress Dnepropetrovsk landscape designers in the industry of Ukraine and opened the secrets of the region's attractiveness for landscaping companies in Europe, Vitaly V. Molodichenko – Commercial Director of the flower center "Flora-market" (Dnepropetrovsk), the theme of speeches which were the roses Kordes – 120 years of German experience. Presentation of the Rose Kordes in Dnepropetrovsk, Zakharenko Tatiana – the director of the garden center "Taviya" (Kiev), no one left indifferent presentation of roses David Austin – the jewel in floriculture Albion. Copies of reports can be downloaded from this page. It is pleasant to mention that along with the benefit of the residents of Dnipropetrovsk region, the exhibition plays another important role – is the creation and strengthening of positive image of the city of Dnepropetrovsk, among other regions of Ukraine.

Thus, the exhibition visitors are coming from many regions of Ukraine, especially its central and South-eastern part. This is achieved by the fact that the event has been widely reported in specialized publications, widely read in many places and centers of Ukraine. People, learning about the exhibition in Dnepropetrovsk, especially such a direction and size, shape representation of Dnepropetrovsk, not only as an industrial giant, but as the aesthetic center of Ukraine. This creates an opportunity for companies to present their services in the region, which contributes investment climate warming Dnipropetrovsk region. In short, the exhibition "KVTI Ukraine" has taken an important and worthy of a niche in the promotion and popularization of the city and the region's areas of horticulture, floral and landscape design. Organizers will continue to exert maximum efforts for the interesting and high quality exhibitions organized in the future. Special thanks to the information partners and sponsors of the project "KVTI Ukraine 2010".

Russian Mail Order Retailers

Note that in the Russian Mail order retailers almost never practiced. And for good reason. Indeed, as experience shows from companies such as Yves Rocher and "Le Monti" in this field to achieve good results. One of the first retailers began to trade in the catalogs Yves Rocher. Despite the fact that the range of products, which can be ordered by catalog, retail less (in Yves Rocher is explained by the lack of space in the warehouse, located in Tver), Yves Rocher sales exceeds the amount of catalog retailers.

Catalogue educational program entrepreneur interested in the possibility of directories would get a lot of new knowledge related to the characteristics this trade. The main thing that you notice is the correct selection of the range. Ian Thieme – author of international bestseller "Manage catalog sales" gives this advice: need a range of personality. Well-chosen assortment meets three requirements: suitable for mail order. Determined by calculations, the possible logistical problems, the practice of redeemable products, relationships with legislative requirements and consumer motivation; corresponds to the target groups, tested in the competition (as in mail order and from a fixed retail trade). When pricing will need to consider some other features: for example, mark-up on clothes for trade with the directory is about 60%, because a significant percentage of this category of returns and there is a high probability that the goods do not fit (size, color, etc.). At the same time, the margin on hardware is usually 30%, since the main technical parameters have been identified in the product description.

National Association

Selling everything! Leaders of catalog sales is well known. These are global giants like 3 Suisses, Otto, La Redoute, Quelle, Neckermann. The assortment offered in the catalogs of these companies make clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry and household goods (other headings may be presented in a thematic publications that complement the main directory). 2006 was a milestone for the Russian market catalog sales, because it came just two world leaders. Firstly, the French company Redcats, the third largest player in the world market distance selling clothing and household goods, has opened in Russia "daughter", which sells products through catalogs under the name La Redoute. According to marketing director of "La Redoute" Eugene Chernikova, output in Russia was due to growth in market trade directories. According to the National Association of distance selling (NADT), last year alone, the market volume grew by 27%, and this pace will continue for several years. According to the head Legal Department, "Reader's Digest" Yangulov Rashid, the company fairly confident that she will be able to earn money for remote business in Russia.

"The market is growing rapidly, with very slow filled with new players – it is almost no competition, but there is a huge need: the inhabitants of small towns are forced to buy cheap Chinese stuff in the local market. Now they will have a choice. " And, secondly, on its output to the Russian market has announced the leading provider of catalog sales in Europe, Otto Group. The company announced a joint venture with the Russian group of PPE, with which will sell clothing brands for mass mailing directories.

Liberate Your Mind

Free the mind and become a millionaire, as it may seem, but to make a choice to be rich one of the hardest in my life. If you look at a man walking to his millions, most of the barriers does not occur in business in which it is engaged, not production or investment issues, and psychological – his own mind and opinion surrounding the obstacles with which to fight the hardest. Since biblical times, the desire to become rich vied with the commandments of men and envy. You could be a successful trader, the owner of the land or estates, to be a significant political figure, but want money openly even then it was considered obscene. People in secret wanted to improve their financial situation, get rich, but set in the moral fabric of society was not allowed to openly talk about it. Money became the forbidden fruit, available only to the highest elected by the public.

The poor became more and more, and if the first time anyone in the best of my ability, could not resist this, the next generation has nurtured a cult of poverty, and millions of people permanently mired in poverty and want, like in a swamp of which it is impossible to escape. The cult of poverty, says: "If you were born poor, stay navsegda them! Rich selfish, evil, cruel! Money spoil a man break down the mind and body. " Who says so? And – this is your destiny! Not those Do people who are behind a crust of bread will betray neighbor? Do not those people who are ready for a sip of water to sell yourself? Poverty is terrible that hides a greater evil and cruelty, ready to manifest itself even at its most basic, animal levels in order to meet simple human needs.