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Veiled Commission

Current search engine lets you find information on bank products such as the contribution Plastic and credit cards, safe deposit box, money order, OFBU. We are working on creating a single unique to our country database on remittances. Also, contact us for advice person can also get information on the bank (address, opening hours, services, details), its offices, exchange offices and ATM’s. In this case, the aid should be free, and the information provided meet the requirements of fairness, accessibility, relevance and credibility. In this regard, the partners will be required some effort to provide and update information needed for placement in the database data. The reason for such requirements is one of the principles of “B-GOLD” – to work only with the official information and not to take it from open sources that often contain outdated or outright advertising, which does not allow an objective assessment of a particular service. The company’s consultants’ B-GOLD “willing to talk about features or products provided the highlight in simple terms, as well as draw attention to the amount expenditure on a particular product.

Veiled Commission and incorrect rates, in particular, loans are disappearing, and many banks have to learn to play the market openly and honestly. Those who began to implement tactics of such a relationship right now, in the near future will be more confident and effective work in this area. Attracting clients through fraud or concealment of conditions of a particular product can only produce disposable income, and the client in this case will forever lose the desire to apply to any financial and banking institution, and certainly would not recommend this service to bank or friends.