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Companies, biometric systems and Control access many companies have found in biometric systems, a very useful tool. Thanks to the use of this technology, which enables to identify people by their physical qualities, a large number of businesses have been able to at Bay employees. As a consequence, deleted the frauds in which an employee had the assistance of a colleague who was not present. In addition, the use of biometric systems, access control, prevents people outside the company from entering it. Biometric systems aims to avoid the presence of unwanted persons. In this way, a reader of fingerprints, at the entrance to a building, can ensure that only persons registered in a database, may enter these facilities. This kind of access control is very common in State organizations, institutions of surveillance and control and in Office buildings. However, its use is also real in some schools, gyms and even in elevators.

To put to operate a biometric system requires that persons who have access, provide a biometric sample. In the case of a fingerprint scanner, the sample is taken from the index finger or thumb. To do this, users must press, firmly and for a few seconds your fingers on a plate reader. When the system has taken the footprint, identifies the salient points of this and creates a number sequence that will identify each user, which is stored in a database. After this comes the validation process, which takes the user to place their finger on the reader Board, the system compares this sample with the database and will give you free rein to that user. In the case of eye scanners, the procedure is similar.

The user looks at a reader, for a couple of seconds and the system keeps the image of their iris or retina, to be then collated in the validation process. When the person scanned is in the database, this can make your income, for which a door opens with lock biometric or releases a turnstile. As you can see access control, biometric systems, it operates independently, what is not required of staff at access points. All this makes biometrics a great option for companies that want to decrease costs and increase your productivity. Source: Press release sent by shane.