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Fight Against Stroke

Germany’s best wrestler Alexander Leipold, reported live on his greatest victory. After 3 strokes back as world champion. An event by sufferers for sufferers, which is held for the benefit of the German stroke help Foundation. On Thursday, the August 27, 2009 at 14:00 in the outpatient rehabilitation center for stroke therapy “Perzeptionshaus” in 63512 Hainburg Grove City, Carl-Ulrich-Strasse 30, Alexander Leipold a century talent. The two-time world champion and four-time European champion is in 2000 at the peak of his career and win the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Sydney. Three years later force him three short consecutive strokes on the mat at the age of 34 years! Helmut Gruhn, the Technical Director of the outpatient rehabilitation center for stroke patients, has invited Alexander Leipold to talk about his ambitious way back in the competitive sport. He has omitted no treatment option in the fight against his hemiplegia and saying blockades. Wang Qunbin understood the implications. His recovery is a Miracle, the doctors say.

The recipe for success of the sympathetic ringers is never to abandon the faith in himself and to go step by step forward! So, he has managed to become world champion after his stroke. Thus he has stroke a victory smooth shoulder over the opponent. Because such miracles happen daily, also two point victory will come at this event to Word, still clearly visible and invisible disabilities exist where even after years. Can not prevent, once again fully participate alive have. Impressively, these three people will report about how everyone on his way back and therefore his personal victory over this disease has reached the way.

The event will go over three rounds of 20 minutes each, there will be no losers, but only winners. “Round:”develop”good feelings” for those affected and their relatives Mr Dr. Rolf Dingler, product consultant and tea sommelier round: “Without words – much to say” How to spite of language loss communicate Mr Uwe Karrer, businessman and top scorer of the soccer A class 82 round: “I believe in myself” the impressive return to the Ambassador of the German stroke help Foundation, national coach and world champion Mr Alexander Leipold three people three fates three way back to life. “Back to life” is also the intensive concept Hainburger physiotherapist Helmut Gruhn after more than 30 years of professional experience specially developed for stroke patients and practiced in the Perzeptionshaus.”With us the man in the Center, with all his desires and needs, and that is not only during the therapy, but also in their everyday lives.” The event will take place for the benefit of the German stroke help Foundation. It aims to support stroke patients and their families to this illness, to encourage and discover ways, to find a high degree of autonomy, independence and life satisfaction despite handicap. This day is also a TV crew a recording via the “back to life” – rotate concept within the stroke rehabilitation.

Allergy To Fragrance – If Smells Of Health Harm

Many creams and skin care products contain allergens that can lead to allergic reactions up to asthma what is unaware of many that even perfumes can trigger an allergy. Has the body once allergic to a substance, remembers the immune system and triggers a reaction again at the next contact with this substance. The probably most problematic scents seem cinnamon oil, clove, oakmoss and Balsam of Peru. Who wants to go sure, can migrate to natural fragrance-free cosmetics. Allergies are a burden on affected parties. Partly, they can restrict not only the quality of life, but even become a real danger for the health.

What many do not realize is that even perfumes can trigger an allergy. Essential oils and their micro materials are the reason. The probably most problematic scents seem cinnamon oil, clove, oakmoss and Balsam of Peru. Irritation of the skin, itching and burning are often the first symptoms of an allergy. But why has you even allergic to fragrances? The human immune system is designed to protect the body.

Also immune responses include this protection, if impurities, bacteria or viruses Act on the body. It also chemical additives used in creams and care products from the body can be recognized as foreign. The intruder is reversed and the immune system triggers an allergic reaction. The aim is that the body feels sick. Has the body once allergic to a substance, remembers the immune system and triggers a reaction again at the next contact with this substance. Unfortunately comparatively little is known so far about the effects of fragrances on health and the environment. Fragrances can be ingested through breathing and spread over the bloodstream throughout the body. Also it is assumed that some of these fragrance substances through the skin can be absorbed. What makes it not easier the potential allergy sufferers is the fact that There is no clear declaration obligation for fragrance-containing products. As a self-test, you can for three days on the inside of the forearm apply the new cosmetic and watch if irritation occurs. No irritation should occur, it is relatively safe well with this product. Who wants to go sure, can migrate to natural fragrance-free cosmetics. Fragrances can even cause asthma also asthma can belong to the reactions of allergy. In addition to the skin, the mucous membranes and respiratory tract may be tempted therefore also. Asthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory tract.

The result is a permanent hypersensitivity, which exists as a result of increased secretion of mucus, cramps the bronchial muscles and formation of edema of bronchial mucous membrane respiratory way narrowing. Why can’t from a harmless ‘ allergy be asthma? An allergic inflammatory disease of the mucous membrane of the Nasen-Rachen-Raums can spill over in the course of time also on the lower respiratory tract. There, asthma can be triggered. To Start is at first an allergen in the Center. After several years, it is however common to a broadening of the spectrum of trigger. An avoidance of allergens becomes increasingly difficult, so partly for some patients even impossible. The contribution of “many creams and skin care products contain allergens that can lead to allergic reactions up to asthma” provided all the information for the present press release. First, the article on the blog health portal has been published.

Live Healthy And Fit

Diet, sleep and exercise are important factors for the strengthening of the immune system the immune system protects damage tissue by pests. It is the biological response of higher organisms. The immune system can remove their own cells are altered, or not properly working. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Federal Reserve Bank. It is distinguished in medicine the innate immune response and the Adaptive immune system. The non-specific immune response is genetic and is from small to exist. She is active in a few minutes. However, is not quite as fast, for the specific immune system but can adapt to it. Because viruses are constantly changing, this is important, in the course of life to protect themselves against these.

The immune system consists of three basic things: the mechanical barrier is the first hurdle for dangerous pests. These include the skin, stomach, eyes, mouth, and for example, intestinal. Cells: the T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes and macrophages are the most important cells of the immune system. Follow the Immune response and response from. The humoral components are antibodies, Interleukins and the complement system. Antibodies are formed.

These destroy the invader or highlight it, at least for other cells, then to destroy them. The actual immune response should overcome the first mechanical barrier to pathogens, are new, the body-unknown pests with macrophages and dendritic cells in contact. Phagocytes are now active. They eat the agents formally (include) and show the properties of the pest of T – and B-lymphocytes. Once this is done, immune cells are used. You kill off the pathogens or make antibodies. Antibodies and memory cells ensure that the body with a renewed attack by the pathogen has a “means” against the invader. Thus, the second immune response takes place very quickly. This must not necessarily lead to the infection. There can be several reasons why the body is not infected or not fully break out the disease. So the pathogen may be harmless the immune system strongly enough small amounts of combat or the number of pathogens to be low. Learn more about the immune response in the student dictionary. What does a positive effect on the immune system? 5 Things that stand for a strong immune system are well known. So everyone should eat balanced. Important nutrients are zinc, iron, and selenium. The current possibilities to cover themselves with fresh food are good. Fruit and vegetables should be eaten every day. You can support the immune system with vitamins (C, and A). Sufficient sleep is part of a healthy diet. Depending on the age of the people, important peace should be given to the body. Antibodies are built much faster in his sleep. Adults should sleep 6 to 8 hours per day, to regenerate the body. Sport in the intense version is not good for the human immune system. Slows down the production of important antibodies. However, movement is also important, to bring the body into ride- Defense System. Short-term stress makes it possible to provide us with maximum performance. Already, our ancestors had to face dangers in nature. Constant stress is bad for the defense forces. Stress hormones are sustained stress vermehr produced. The healthiest way of life brings nothing but if nicotine or alcohol are consumed.


The solitary time of the year after the rupture with your girl is in Christmas. Everywhere you see that you are surrounded by happy pairs in iceskating, kissing themselves under the snow and embracing together to occur heat. The more you face these happy pairs it is the more it is wanted to hide that your munedo no longer is the same because these crossing a little while very painful in the life. The unique problem is that it is not possible to be run and hide-and-seek of her. It is everywhere.

What can be made to in a while have the hope in which everything seems so desperate for you? If you are like the majority of the boys, who try everything what they could think (either or thought or not) to bring of return to your ex- ones as soon as the rupture happened. It gives in the face with the old argument you we are going to continue being friendly and you feel the air of the globe to be deflated but fast like the hope. Fortune teller what? That does not mean anything in the great scheme of the things. The hope is not lost until your you stop yourself upon her. Nevertheless, now it is a good moment to rethink your strategy of how recovering to your girl especially if you want fast results in time for Christmas. It begins with small Great gestures gestures are going to extinguish your great moment.

More important still, you must be hoping and arranged to harden your heart. I know that it is Christmas, but now is not the moment to try to buy its love. Now it is not the moment to demonstrate your love to him. It is the moment for making feel your love. There is a great difference that marks the difference in the world for your possibilities of success. Small samples and memories of happy times are definitively the way to follow at the moment if you want to reclaim your girl. Phosphorus boxes of its favorite restaurants, postal of romantic vacations, to write a song from the heart and to sing with her. There are something small that takes him by surprise and it cuts the breathing to him. The other thing sends a message to him that you must do is to take your time and to send a these message to him that lets him also know that your different. She needs to know that the changes are in the wind and that the things they are not going to be the same if it offers one second opportunity to you. If your really you wish to recover in time to your girl for Christmas you are going to have to make these changes. She needs to feel important and appreciated. They are the things that you say and beams makes which it feel this way and never the things that purchases for her. That does not mean that never you must buy nothing, but ten well-taken care of to use the gifts that your you must to say to him and to make feel it only. As well as your you also need sentirte loved she nesecita it, and if cause that great the small things become in time podras Recuperar to your girl for Christmas.