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The Network

Never any one leader does not doubt the authenticity of the information to present my friend. And it allows you to request royalties commensurate with the rating of the the company in the market of psychological services. Therefore, there is a rule: call us, relied upon by the expert. And now for the good. 1. The first and significant: cost savings.

2. Good value their freelancers reputation and would never allow schlock. As its name – it's just his name. And if it spins in the network under his real name, and the quality of services should not let it down. When we work on behalf of the company, sometimes allow yourself to relax, while we feel the power behind the organization that all issues would assume. In free flight, all the conflicts, disagreements freelancer decide. 3.Frilasner, in fact, is more flexible. It is easy reshapes the program and handouts, if the situation has changed.

Under each group, at every organization he is an individual program, individual workbooks and . After all, he does not need coordinate all changes with the head, a Methodist, Secretary. He is responsible for their work, as the result of the work, and fully aware of the responsibility mene. Author has firm opinions on the matter. 4. Freelance often operates under the auspices of several training companies, or worked there for awhile. His experience over emok and varied: from techniques to process the training. 5. He does not burn as an internal coach, he is active and creative. He takes his own decisions when it should take a break and gain new energy, and when he is able to operate at full power. 6. Coach freelance from regions often more regular and greater responsibility for their work at lower fees. What is the reason? In the first place: a reputation. Second: a certain set of provincial forces to be always at a level to monitor trends and constantly improve their skills. Yes, the provincial coach far fewer orders, but is rather a "plus" than "minus". Too demanded the coach puts his program on a stream, and loses its flexibility. And in conclusion I would like to add a few words in support of frilasa training area. Most often, a freelance trainer considers his work a vocation, purpose of life. He may not have months not a single order, but he stubbornly continues to write articles and books, to develop new programs, start new advertising campaign, wasting their own time for free presentations and workshops. He lives for his work, and not for the fees, although this is an important part of our lives. That is for freelance work and life are inseparable. And this speaks volumes. I was brief. I do not like to bore long arguments of business people. The choice is yours, ladies and gentlemen.

Training Personal Effectiveness

Until now, many of us believe that, having received higher education and the plucking of experience, we are already well prepared in order to reach the top of a career. Many people (especially men) think that the construction of personal relations – the case of each, and help with the adult is not necessary, because each individual is able to independently understand their feelings and actions. All this is so. And while not quite understand, of course, can on its own, having spent lots of time to determine exactly what in your character does not give you the opportunity to live a full life. And even realizing that in order to achieve greater harmony in their personal lives and more good results in his career, himself something to change, work on their own self-improvement, we defer to a later date.

On Monday, the next year, sometime later. And "someday>> does not occur ever, and results are so-so, because we are justified, and the circumstances are not in our favor, and business partners are not entirely honest, and the other half>> do not want to understand our soul. In general, the life – of course it's good! But somehow not quite as I'd like That's why in this article I would like to talk about some aspects of personal growth trainings, based on the method of Life Spring>>. Training going on similar patterns exist in both Moscow and Kiev and Odessa. Written off of the Internet with people who have been interested in the topic of personal effectiveness training, I learned about the two views to common among men.