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Osama Bin Laden

Also does he emphasized the heroism of rescue teams who risked their lives (gave their lives) to save others, and expressed appreciation for the work of those who are serving in the United States armed forces, which he called the extraordinary generation 9/11?. His message to the nation is to l Qaeda not only has failed subside the courage of the American people, but in the past two years and half, removed more ringleaders of the terrorist network that at any other time since 11-S. Thanks to the extraordinary bravery and precision of our forces, we finally did justice to Osama Bin Laden, said Obama, to the rrirse on the death of the leader of Al-Qaeda during operation military last May 1 in Pakistan. However, aware of the fatigue that is popular with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama noted that US troops impose a relentless pressure about Al-Qaeda, and his Government is ending the war in Iraq and beginning to bring our troops home from Afghanistan. With words with large load of patriotism, Obama stated that EE UU facing a determined enemy that, undoubtedly, will try to attack again, but his Government will do its utmost to protect the population. On behalf of the victims and those who showed courage on that fateful date, never vacilaremos. We will protect the country we love and we will deliver safer, stronger and more prosperous the next generation, Obama promised. The White House pointed out that the emergence of a credible but not corroborated threat around the anniversary of 9-11 will not alter the plans of the President this weekend. Source of the news: Obama believes that EE UU is more United after the 11-S and ensures that “justice” was done with Bin Laden

Hollywood Chamber

The project, scheduled for Wellington airport, didn’t like to neighbors or entrepreneurs in Hollywood. Only a few dndian the project, including director Peter Jackson. The New Zealand city of Wellington airport announced this week that canceled its plan to build the giant poster Wellywood, after unleashing the wrath of residents and employers in Hollywood, in United States. We heard the points of view of the community, said the executive director of the airport of Wellington, Steve Fitzgerald, quoted by the New Zealand television chain TV. While the Wellywood name was chosen in a process 15 months ago to promote the fame of the city of Wellington as the headquarters of major film productions such as the Lord of the rings or Avatar, airport representatives will consider other alternatives. For that reason, we have decided to submit different options through a selection process with the community, he said Fitzgerald. The initiative of placing the Wellywood sign, backed by director Peter Jackson and qualified by his detractors as crude and ridiculous, it motivated the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce threatened with a lawsuit for alleged plagiarism. The idea of Wellywood disliked, according to a recent survey, 68% of the residents of Wellington, who protested in the streets or expressed their rejection to the initiative in various social networks. Source of the news: rejection grave poster that mimicked to Hollywood in New Zealand

Philip Morris Price

A movement that is interpreted as the end of the price war in the sector. The new prices will take effect this Friday, when published in the official State Bulletin (BOE). The firm has qualified this exclusively competitive movement. The company Philip Morris Spain has decided to raise the price of its main cigarette brands, a movement that is interpreted as the end of the price war in the sector between 15 and 25 euro cents. Carl Icahn addresses the importance of the matter here. The company has informed this Thursday its decision the Commissioner for the tobacco market, which predictably new prices take effect this Friday when they are published in the official State Bulletin (BOE), according to industry sources have indicated. The firm has qualified this movement of exclusively competitive and with this, follows the trend of the last made in the market. As explained by the director of Corporate Affairs of Philip Morris Spain, Hernan Irigoyen, with these increases, we intend to adjust to the new reality of market that is you are configuring. Source of the news: Philip Morris raises the price of its cigarettes in Spain between 15 and 25 cents.

Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba

The weekly British considers the request of Rubalcaba that Spain accept the German vote model was a direct compensation to the movement. Qualifies to Rubalcaba of populist by attacking bankers. Qualifies to Spaniards as the most serious protesters in Europe. Outraged Spaniards are getting some of their proposed objectives. It thus considered the British weekly The Economist, in an analysis of 15-M movement in which picks up that one of the demands of the movement, the reform of the electoral law, has already been accepted by the candidate of the Socialist Party to the next election, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba.There were neither stones nor tear gas launches, but July 9 educated protesters outraged from Spain pointed is still a victory, publishes The Economist. The weekly considers that the request of Rubalcaba that Spain accept the German vote model was a compensation direct the movement that spontaneously occupied urban squares in mid-May, asserting that politicians do not represent us. In this regard The Economist, which qualifies the outraged Spanish as the most serious demonstrators from Europe, also says that Rubalcaba has begun attacking bankers.It accuses them of lend to people who knew that they would not be able to pay and threatens with new taxes. It may be a polite nod to the polite indignation, but it has something of populism, he says.

A symptom, rather than a movement also the publication refers to the concern of Spaniards by the political class, to the point of becoming their third biggest problem after the economy and unemployment. Polls show broad support to suppress the degrees of immunity enjoyed by some involved in cases of corruption politicians who poisoned the regional and municipal policies says the weekly. In addition, the publication includes the opinion of Josep Lobera, specialist in polls, that qualifies the 15-M as a symptom, more as a movement. It is a symptom. It expresses a general feeling of concern and anger, says the expert. In terms of political allegiance, Francisco Canero, former small businessman and activist, stressed: what unites the movement are complaints, not solutions. Source of the news: The Economist: “outraged Spaniards are achieving some of its objectives”

Mitch Winehouse

/ Ensures that drug taking to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal, the Librium, increases the chance of a collapse. He admits that Amy Winehouse did everything with excess. Definitive reports of his death have not been disclosed. Amy Winehouse’s father, Mitch Winehouse, has granted the first television interview since her daughter died. The progenitor of the singer has provided new clues about the cause of the death of the singer. According to his version, was hard detoxification that was submitting and the use of a legal drug for this purpose, the Librium, what killed her. Everything that made Amy did in excess.

He drank too much and made rehabilitation in excess, indicates the father of the deceased singer in an interview with the talk show Anderson Cooper that airs this Monday. The diva of soul, which for years fought his addiction to drugs and alcohol, was found dead at his home in London on July 23. According to his family, toxicological reports indicate that there was alcohol in your blood, but it is not clear that this contributed to his death. Mitch Winehouse, during an emotional interview, also adds that the analysis revealed traces of Librium in his blood, a drug that is administered to combat anxiety and other symptoms in alcoholics who are in rehabilitation and that, according to their statements, increase the chance of a collapse. Taking Librium daily, said. In this line, Mitch regrets that Amy Winehouse would disengage without the help of a professional, because periods of abstinence were ever longer and ever shorter periods in those who drank. I was in the right direction, says. In addition, the father of the singer explains that Amy suffered from attacks that could cause you to lose consciousness in recent months before dying, and that might be a good explanation for what happened that July 23. When not drank, was the owner of the world, recalls during the interview, whose fragments were issued by TMZ, the father of Amy Winehouse, which ensures that not blamed her ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, of his death, but only of his affection to drugs hard. Source of the news: the father of Amy Winehouse believes that his daughter died from an “excessive rehabilitation”

SGAE Teddy

The singer is part of the new Board of Directors of the SGAE, within the candidature who supported the President of the entity. It ensures that Bautista is with force, like a motorcycle. Freedom with charges for Teddy Bautista and other two directors of the SGAE. KEY: who pulling the strings of SGAE? How does it work? PROFILES: SGAE Teddy Bautista: obsessed with raising money lead singer Victor Manuel dndio this Sunday the honesty and the work done by Teddy Bautista in front of the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores and assured that the problem being investigated in the SGAE is clearly delimited. I’ve known him for years and know of his honesty and his sacrifice by the rights of intellectual property, by the authors ultimately.

I only have good words for him, said Victor Manuel. Therefore, the singer felt that the possible re-election of Baptist charged for misappropriation and fraudulent administration as head of the Board of Directors of the SGAE – position held since 1995 – It will depend exclusively on him. This week the members of the Board will meet to see how continues the process begun with the elections of last Thursday and that should culminate in the election of the President of the Council at a meeting on June 12. Everything depends basically on Teddy, of their will to continue facing the challenge of further managing the SGAE. We will listen to your state of mood and we will see, said Victor Manuel, who expressed optimistic about the possible response of the Baptist. I thought that it was going to be depressed, to exit this Sunday at freedom after being detained since Friday, but it is like a motorcycle, Super, so I guess that we will immediately have a meeting with him.

Case elected last Thursday, within the candidature who supported Bautista, said that the judicial investigation opened in society is due to an isolated problem affecting the digital society, isolated the singer, who is part of the new Board of Directors of the SGAE and the company Microgenesis, that software has been delivered to the SGAE. I hope that everything is clarified, he added. Victor Manuel also stressed it will continue collaborating with the SGAE as until now.